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The Love Boat – PART II

So….After hearing my cabin mates get out of bed and leave the room, I’ve decided to do the same, as we should prolly be arriving to Stockholm, and right I was. There was already lots of fuss on the upper decks, as people were having breakfast and getting ready to get out of the boat. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very nice, but the landscape was well worth the slight drizzle.

ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack

Apparently we were following this other boat (you can see it on one of the movies on the previous post), though at some point the other point went to another harbor, while we proceeded to ours.

First video from Stockholm:


And these were the first shots I took from Stockholm:

ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack

(the above images are HDRIed, and prolly some others around this post)

When leaving the boat, I see that it was filled with cars and tour buses! The thing was really huge! Luckily I wasn’t too far from the city center, so I could use my bicycle to go over there, passing through the harbor while taking some snapshots of the city from the privileged point of view.


While going through the city I ran my girlfriend up, and took a photo from where I was standing as promissed 😉


You can notice several stuff from this photo:

  • the architecture is completely different
  • bicycles also get respect in Sweden (notice the directions, the semaphores and lanes)
  • I did took my bicycle with me
  • they have a cool looking theater (on the right)

There were some tourists out taking a walk (not many though due to the slight rain I suppose), but not many Swedes (I suppose that was due to the holiday the day before (lots of parties going on)).

I also saw lots of expensive designers stores (like Versace, Louis Vuitton and stuff like that). You can see on the following photo some shops (though this area had less luxurious kind of shops).


I went down that street ahead, and took this photo (I like it :-)):


Still on the architecture side of things, take a look at this church:


Very different from the ones we’re used to see here in Portugal!

Now…. After riding for quite a while, I found a really big museum, and decided to get in (the exhibit, among other stuff, was about the history of Sweden, so why not?).

When I got in, I remembered that I didn’t have any Swedish krona, their official currency, so I payed with a credit card. After that, I was asked to store away my backpack, where I carry my photographic equipment down stairs, as I wasn’t allowed to take the bag inside the museum. Ok… Fine. I can understand that.

When I got downstairs, there were lots of lockers where could people could store away their belongings, the problem was that you needed a Swedish krona to get the key for it. DAMN IT! Why didn’t the woman at the reception warned me about that, since I had told her I didn’t had any kronas?

Anyways…. I came back upstairs, and inquired a different person. The dialog went like this:

– Hi! I just bought a ticket for the museum, but I was told that…. Sorry. Do you speak English?

– Young man… In Sweden everyone speaks English, and every other language. What language do you speak?

– Er… Portuguese.

– Sim… Também podemos falar em Português se for preciso.

HOLLY SHIT! Now I was impressed!

Apparently they had this fake coins to use on the lockers in cases like this. cool.

The museum was really cool, and I really enjoyed the exhibits about Sweden, private collections of anything and everything, and the history of wallpapers.

ImageShack ImageShack

Some more random photos:

ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack

When I arrived to the harbor I met a fellow cycler from the UK. It was really fun talking to him. We spoke about politics, war and stuff. Really nice conversations, specially because he couldn’t hear very well from one of his ears lol.

After some talking, and commenting on all the motorbikes that were showing up (from TT, to old BMW bikes), the boat finally arrived:


Not going to tell you about how the boat was, or the room, for that you can take a look at the previous post.

BUT, I do have a funny episode to tell you.

In my cabin, there was me, a Swedish guy, the British guy I told you about, and a German (that stood up to their reputation). But before the other two guys came, there was only me, and the Swedish guy. A really cool guy, about my age. This is the dialog we had:

– So… Where do you think I come from?

– Brazil?

– Wow! You’re actually very close!

– Mexico? Argentine?

– Err… Not geographically close…

– Spain?

– Err…. No…. Here’s a hint for you. What language do they speak in Brazil?

– France?

…. ok….

After I came back to Finland, we got off in Turku. I took my bike, and started heading to Espoo (about 170 Km). After I did 70 Km/h, I got tired, and just took a bus home.

It was really nice that as I passed through the bus stops, they had posters from Mariza! A Portuguese singer 🙂

So yeah… It was lots of fun! Sorry if I wasn’t more verbose about my staying in Sweden. I guess I should have posted this entry a long ago.

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