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Power Boost!

Been lurking around some forums about my car (a Peugeot 307 1.6 hdi with 110 hp), and found out that with 290€ I can get a boost of 30hp! That’s A VERY LOT.

Apparently, it is a pretty much standard and safe method. What they do is some chip tuning, which basically makes the engine have a more efficient fuel burn by tuning the spark and fuel injection timings.

I’ve even found a FAQ on this Portuguese guys website that already have quite a reputation for doing a good job (they show up in many magazines, and are pretty thorough to make sure your car stays in shape). Some of the points I’ve retained:

  • the re-programing of the car’s chip is made according to diagnostics obtained before anything is changed, so every car, is a different car to them
  • no hardware is changed AT ALL. It’s only the software on a chip that is re-programmed
  • the motors reliability isn’t changed at all
  • the fuel consumption stays the same, and can actually get lower, because you don’t need to use the gearbox so often, and can stay in high gears for more time
  • the vehicle’s top speed does not necessarily increase (they say it can go from nothing, to +50 Km/h), and I’m fine with that, since I’m happy with my car’s top speed, and Portuguese roads aren’t really any good for more than that
  • the vehicle’s guaranty isn’t voided, because the software is only optimized, and can’t be detected, even when plugged in to diagnostic tools. No hardware gets changed
  • all the changes also take in account the exhaust pipe gases emission
  • no special care needs to be taken after the re-programming

If you click here, you’ll see a test to the engine’s binary on a car similar to mine

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2 Responses to “Power Boost!”

  1. ééé moço, a pensar reprogramar a centralina? por acaso também houve uma altura que andei a ver isso e cheguei a ver re-progs para 180hp, mas depois também tinha colegas que falavam mal daquilo e que começava a largar bué fumo preto e etc, e também como tenho “investido” noutras coisas acabei por não o fazer, mas estuda lá isso. 😉
    ah, e obrigadão pelo teu comment no post. 🙂

  2. Jaime says:

    Here’s how it goes:

    Repro for 290€ which means + power + torque which in turn = big smile on your face! In the long term this really translates into + wear on the clutch and gearbox (assuming you checked that the gearbox itself is even rated to cope with the extra torque!) and a *decrease* in the car’s life expectancy.

    Solution: Save and get a better car!

    Alternative Solution: Keep the car and buy a bike…then you can eat pretty much every road car (exotica like Bugatti Veyron excluded) for breakfast, lunch and dinner….at a fraction of the price!

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