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Finland, the perfect place

That’s it! The jury is out!

Today, I’ve decided to go South, to the coast, as I’ve read somewhere that the best tour you can take during the Summer, is along the Finnish coast (seems obvious quite frankly). So in the afternoon, after some _lazy bumming_, I took my bicycle and headed to the unknown 🙂

During this small trip, I’ve noticed that the wealthier Finns concentrate near the sea, and not near the lakes (at least, judging from the neighborhoods I’ve cycled by).

Anyways, the trip was very nice, because as typical, bike tracks were available everywhere, lots of birds and stuff always around me, not too many cars, and lots of couples and _families_ walking by.

As I was getting near the coast, I noticed that the trees wouldn’t end, and indeed, they were down almost to the sea water, where rocky formations would make it impossible for trees to go there. Despite this, bicycle tracks were available right along side the coast, very close to the water. So picture this:

You, a bike, trees all around, sea. w o w

Add to this, a great sunny weather, and lots of sea activity (sailing, boats, etc…)

I don’t know for how long one can go along the coast with a bicycle, but it looked like a very lot. I even saw directions for some coastal place 20Km ahead, so…. I wanted to try that, but since my bicycle is somewhat busted, I don’t have the same urge for long rides. Yeah…. sux.

I eventually stopped at a marina, where I called my girlfriend, and made her jealous because in Portugal the weather is really crappy now, but here… Not even one cloud in sight 😀

I took 3/4 photos and did a panorama with them, on the location where I called Marisa:


It is kind of crappy, but in my defense, it was done in a hurry, with no tripod, and at the widest settings of the lens (which makes things much more difficult because of the optical deformation, known as distortion).

While coming back, I’ve also decided to elect Finland the perfect place to take a small vacation, here is why:

  • Trees everywhere
  • Birds, rabbits, squirrels all over the place
  • Very low traffic pollution
  • Bicycle tracks to virtually anywhere
  • Lots of peaceful places, like lakes, and sea side paths with benches for some reflection 🙂
  • No big ugly, and dark avenues packed with traffic (even in Helsinki)
  • You can get to Sweden/Russia/Estonia fairly cheap
  • Lots of sports being practiced everywhere (I’ve noticed specially soccer, sailing and windsurf)
  • Party lovers will _love_ Saturday nights
  • Trains are really nice (comfortable, and the website is really nice if you want to plan a big trip)
  • You can stay here for a fairly cheap price
  • If you’re picky about what you eat, you can eat almost anything in here
  • Smokers are scarce, and the ones you see look like marginals, either because they smoke in small flocks, or hidden, or look like crap

There’s also some bad stuff. Well… It’s not bad… It’s more like a pet peeve. Today as I was arriving back to the hotel, I thought of buying some cookies, but LO AND BEHOLD! Everything was closed! Why do they close at 18h (6pm) on the weekends? It’s like… SUNNY NOON FOR GOD SAKE! Even McDonalds was closing! But oh well….

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One Response to “Finland, the perfect place”

  1. luckitty says:

    Não me canso de ver esta foto, vi-a de manhã, vi-a agora… adoro “panoramas”. Apesar de se notar ali uma divisãozita, a vista é realmente excelente (ainda melhor do que imaginava).

    Bom, fico feliz por continuares a gostar de descobrir a Finlândia *

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