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Random it is!

As I was in the toilet doing #1, I had to bring in reading material, and so I picked up this magazine that there was on the hotel room called WTF. Yes…. That’s right… WTF. Which means Welcome To Finland ;-P

Inside, I saw some curious things, such as:

  • You can sleep in Helsinki, Finland for only 16€/night on the Stadion Hostel in the Olympic Stadium
  • You can also sleep in Helsinki, Finland for 3300€/night on the Mannerheim Suite at Hotel Kämp
  • There’s a new club in Helsinki called Redrum. If you are a Stanley Kubrik fan, you’ll recognize the word immediately.

sorry for the crapy quality video:

YouTube Preview Image


Anyways… Today after dinner I went out for a bicycle ride, and three important things happened:

  1. I have found out that trying to change gears, while on the cell phone, using the opposite hand will make you CRASH
  2. I’m not old enough, NOT TO fall off a bicycle
  3. I’ve kicked some other guy’s ass on a bicycle SHOWDOWN. I really had a great rhythm going on, and got a really nice speed, even while going up on ramps. So, YAY me! It felt really great.

Shifting again the post direction,

Girlfriend, mom, dad. I love you all, but tomorrow I might try to cross over to Russia on my bicycle. More details tomorrow, if I will ever be able to come back.

And well, why not! One more movie to top things off:


If they can make the most of their lives, why can’t you?

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2 Responses to “Random it is!”

  1. Marisa Lemos says:

    ´Ta doido!! Foste onde e como?? Ai jovem se te perdes…!!! 🙁 agora já sei pq não te apanhei online. Mas pronto… espero que valha a pena essa aventura 🙂 diz alguma coisa qd estiveres no (des)conforto do teu quartinho de hotel.

  2. miguel21op says:

    Redrum Club? It sounds interesting.

    I bet the most popular cocktail there is “bloody mary” and the sound system is conceived to freak out anyone’s brain.

    Is it dangerous? 😉

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