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Cause I am strong enough




I just had the _gayest_ moment of my life this afternoon.

As of today, I started doing my commuting with my big headphones on (yes… I probably look like a dork), connected to the mobile phone, so that I can hear the radio, while doing the trip.

Well, as I was going back to the hotel, struggling to overcome a ramp, Cher’s music “‘Cause I’m strong enough” started on the radio. Holly crap! You just try to picture it! (please don’t, I have a reputation, you know?)

Anyways, I am 100% safe about my sexuality, and my girlfriend can prove it.


But now seriously:

YouTube Preview Image
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One Response to “Cause I am strong enough”

  1. luckitty says:

    Confirma-se… ou já sabiam que és gay ou então acham-te TÃO “matxo” que nem se metem contigo… Ai eu, quem mais ouviria Cher a andar de bike? És o meu orgulho xD ****

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