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Today, as I read my e-mail, I saw one from the manager of the area of the project where I am now (here, in Finland), and also had another e-mail from the CEO of Critical Software, congratulating me, and my colleague for a job well done.

The thing is,  it’s about the third e-mail I get from the CEO congratulating me for my job this year (and one phone call IIRC), and although this is all nice and dandy, this week I know my evaluation, and quite frankly, I’ve lost my hope in it a long time ago, so this kind of e-mails start to bounce quite easy off of me.

You might get pats on the back, but the bottom line doesn’t change much.

My room mate got all excited because of the e-mail. Well, I just told him: “Don’t get your hopes to high kido… When you receive the bi-anual bonus, you also get an e-mail saying how good you are, and so they are giving you X euros. Well… Guess what. It’s a template e-mail, and everyone receives the same message.”

Still feels good though.

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2 Responses to “Recognition”

  1. vegaroth says:

    So right you are =P

    Mas ainda assim, parabéns pelos e-mails “fora de época” que recebeste… esses não são template. =)

  2. Marisa Lemos says:

    És um desmancha prazeres!! Então o jovem não pode sonhar? Ai tu… mantém sempre as expectativas em baixo que é melhor, né?? Hmph…!

    Mas ‘tá bem, o que interessa é que os e-mails continuam a chegar a esses lados 😉
    (hoje já tenho acentos!! \o/ )

    Vai pensando na melhor maneira de eu te torturar daqui a um mês, aquela foto no messenger é inadmissível!

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