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What is love?

Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more! (you’ll understand it by the end of this entry).

So… It is uncommon for me to post during the week, because there isn’t much to report (hotel<->work).

So, this blog is about random stuff, so here they go:

  • the water thingies on the fake lake behind the hotel get turned off at 22h, and turned on at 10h
  • 90h from now (+/-) I’ll be boarding on the plane to go back to Portugal for a few days
  • I have created a variable on my QT/C++ project called goldenRetriever (odly enough it is a regular expression ;-))
  • my roommate even makes noises while eating a BANANA!
  • weather: HOT HOT HOT right now it’s 22:16, but it’s 19º C! (though today it rained a lot for a very short period. like a tropical kind of thingy, ya now? It was raining cats and dogs!)
  • today I did my swimming once again
  • on the previous post my father suggested, as a joke I believe, that I should also start running. Well, now my girlfriend also read that, and told me that too! Damn you conspiracy!!

What is love indeed?

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  1. vegaroth says:

    Meu ídolo!!!

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