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First macro test

Me and Marisa are more and more happy about the Sanyo VPC HD2000. Below you’ll find a video I shot this morning just to check its macro capabilities, which apparently aren’t that bad.

Going through the motions with this camera has made me realize that I haven’t had the time lately to enjoy the fine photographic equipment I have, mainly the enlarger, and the fine lenses for the Zeiss. I can only wish I get the time and opportunity to enjoy all of this, as well as this video camera.

The holidays season is approaching at a fast pace, so I can only hope I get to enjoy my hobbies to the fullest with Marisa.

On other news, some professional changes may happen during this next week. We’ll see. I promise I’ll try to keep you posted.

Listening to: The Sounds – Tony the Beat

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One Response to “First macro test”

  1. Marisa Lemos says:

    É claro que uma compra em que eu te ajudei a escolher é uma boa compra! xD

    E ainda por cima é gira, ihih

    Vamos lá ver se é desta que te gravo a falar durante o sono 😛


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