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Skiing before I die.


I guess I can chalk off skiing from my TODO list before I die.

well… Not that I have one, or intend to die soon, but you get the picture!

two of my collegues invited me to go skiing to Vodafone Ski Resort:

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It was on a really short notice, but after Marisa said she could go as well, I told the guys I was GAME! So, we started looking for some cheap hotel, for a couple, plus 3 guys. We couldn’t find the option to have a room for 2 guys with an extra bed, so Howcroft called in. The person from the hotel said that it shouldn’t be a problem, and that they could do that kind of reservation on-line, BUT, there was a two nights minimum, and we only wanted to stay in for one night. Well, screw them! We’ll book on-line, and if they bitch about it when we get there, then they are screwed! The reservations were placed.

After me and Marisa had waited for lots of time for the other guys (one of them was late), following them through some weird roads that their GPS was telling them to follow, we’ve arrived at the mountain!

I have to say that after a few pointers from one of my friends, Marisa and I were kicking hard on the n00bs’ track in no time! The hard part is, of course, to break. damn. Oh, and yes, I was the first to fall down, and have my hand grilled on the ice, but I am proud to say, that I was the one, amongst the three n00bs to fall less, followed closely by Marisa, and then the other guy.

After gaining some confidence, we bought these tickets thingy, called forfait that would enable us to try out the whole mountain. And it was great.

We both took our cameras, and were shooting with Portra 160 VC. I hope they come out ok, because I did not dial in exposure compensation, as I should’ve because of the snow.

unfortunately I had the settings on my mobile phone set to low, so, sorry about that 🙁

ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack

and some videos:

  1. “Panorama” and Marisa talking 🙂
  2. View while going up the mountain and Marisa waving 🙂
  3. Marisa skiing down the mountain! At about  minute 1:28, you can see her coming down. She’s the only black dot coming down.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Marisa also took some shots/did some videos with her phone (of course I shot this one):


there’s also a shot of her bruised leg, but I am not sharing that with you, as it is too sexy!

And now, for the videos:

  1. Me coming down the mountain 🙂 You can see ms from second 26 forward
  2. Going to the hotel I
  3. Going to the hotel II
  4. Going to the hotel III
  5. Going to the hotel IV
  6. Going to the hotel V
  7. Going to the hotel VI

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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4 Responses to “Skiing before I die.”

  1. Marisa Lemos says:

    Ah e tal… e coiso… “sou o Maior!” :p veremos!

  2. Great you picked up skiing. Hope you enjoy my favorite sport.

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