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Who knew?

Marisa is a great photographer 🙂



Me and Marisa have been together for two years now (it was our birthday on the 29th of the present month), and so she decided to give me something special. I think it is a personal record actually 🙂



I think the first hint I got, was when she told me she was searching for her film camera, followed by what film she should load the camera with. I was absolutely clueless at this point, but was very glad that she wanted a film solution, so she could always have a camera with her.


Fast-forward, BAM. I get a photo album with the special places we’ve been during our relationship, and damn. I have to admit she is a great photographer! Definitely better than my father (POW!), and almost better than me *wink*wink*.

ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack


The photos are so cool, that I had to show them to you. My favourite are the last two. Mind you, that all of these photos printed are much better looking, just like every photo, so that makes the album even more special a full notch.

Ohh…. And these photos were developed by Marisa, so it was all her from the location/composition, down to the development, so big kudos for her! The film used was an Ilford Delta 100 Professional, shot with a Yashica P&S, developed with Xtol Stock.


And why not show some photos of the album itself:

The outter box:



The album per-se:



One of the pages on the album:



And on top of this, I also got a t-shirt and a PJ! Great birthday all around 🙂


Thank you Marisa for such a great present! Love ya 🙂


I think Marisa will make a post with what we did these days 🙂


Be sure to check her flickr account!

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One Response to “Who knew?”

  1. Marisa Lemos says:

    Que exagero… limitei-me a conduzir pelos inóspitos cantos da minha cidade, apontar e carregar num botão ultrasensível que me fez desperdiçar umas 4 fotos… mas fora isso, só tive que arriscar num rolo que não conhecia e passar vergonhas que nem lembrariam ao diabo LOL

    Mas tudo por ti 🙂 ***** you’re the master! <3

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