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Recommended stuff (music and films)

Well, it has been a long time since I haven’t recommended a few tunes (and now with filmes too!!)  for your week, so here we go:


  • The Cloud RoomBeautiful Mess
    • I have to say, The Cloud Room really took me by surprise. This music in particular has such a nice beat to it, and such an uplifting rhythm (lyric+music). It’s a really great song to get your spirit up! Be sure to check out the rest of the album, it’s well worth it.

  • Federico Aubele – Besos De Sal
    • Can you feel the paradise calling out to you? This is what Besos de Sal reminds me of. It just takes me to some paradisiac island, with a coconut in my hand and a cute girl (Marisa obviously), coming back from the water on her bikini! I don’t really understand the lyrics, but they sure are mesmorising.  (music)
  • Basement JaxxDo Your Thing
    • Wanna dance? Feel happy all day? This is the music for you! It just had to come from Basement Jaxx, those crazy bastards! The videoclip is pretty good too, so be sure to check that out to, just don’t get fixated on the “boom boom boom and a bang bang bang” bit. You’ll know what I mean! (lyric)
  • PortisheadWe Carry On
    • WARNING. This is some serious TRIP-hop music, so if you don’t like the work of Portishead, or aren’t into trip-hop, then you should really skip this song. If you like Portishead and some alternative fast paced song, then this is for you! This lyric itself, states the following: “The pace, the time, I can’t survive“. Brilliant. (live performance + lyric + some fan video, enough for you to  listen to the full music)
  • Susana FélixLuz de Presença


Now, for the films:


  • Bolt (imdb)
    • Yes, it’s a kids’ movie, yes, it features a dog, but damn, I did spend a good time watching the film! Be sure to put your pride asside, and let yourself go! The story is about an “actor dog”, who thinks the movies he’s filming are the real deal. The producers nourish, and protect that, because they believe that makes the acting more real. The problem is when the dog comes out of the studio, and comes to face with a slightly different reality. (trailer)



  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona (imdb)
    • This is the latest from Woody Allen, and although I am not a big fan of Scarlett Johansson, in any way, shape, or form, I think it is a good movie, very Woody Allen-ish, where Penélope Cruz has a really great role, just like Javier Bardem. I remember seeing on the Rangefinder Forum some photos of Scarlett sporting a Leica, now (it’s pretty cool how she is holding the lens so perfectly to achieve focus) I know why! The story is about how two best friends that go to Barcelona, Spain (the city offered to pay for the costs, if the film was shot there), and get involved with a local artist, that has a tricky past relation, and we all know how artists are! (trailer)



  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (imdb)
    • This is the movie of the moment! It has been nominated for 13 Oscars! This movie features Cate BlanchettElias Koteas (small part), Jason FlemyngTilda SwintonTaraji P. Henson and of course, Brad Pitt. This is a very good, but sad movie, so be ready to shed some tears near the end (the film is very lengthy, it has 166 minutes). The story is about Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt), a new born, that apparently was born with some kind of disease, and because of that, and because his mother died during labor, his father gives him away, not before he tried to kill him. Turns out, it wasn’t really a disease, he was simply born old. You really should watch this film, it will be well worth it. The acting is really great, I really enjoyed the acting performed by Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Taraji P. Henson and Brad Pitt. (trailer)




Have a great week everyone!

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One Response to “Recommended stuff (music and films)”

  1. Marisa Lemos says:

    Este já comento 😛 gostei muito do promenor da menina em bikini saindo da água (cheirinho a férias) e também teres sugerido a Do Your Thing 😉

    Por acaso não estava muito virada para o Bolt (não gostei muito do “trailer”, talvez por estar em Português na altura) mas se tu dizes que aprovas eu confio 🙂 e a última sugestão é certamente um “must-see” contigo <3

    P.S: Tenho que ouvir as outras músicas que não conheço ^^’
    * * * * *

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