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KDE4 Vs. Windows 7

So.. I just saw the interview with Linus Torvalds  where he states he has ditched KDE in favour of Gnome, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.


It is really easy to install KDE4 on a Ubuntu distribution, you just need to issue the following command:

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

and after a few minutes (depending on your Internet connection), you will have KDE4 installed. For me, it took me something like 2 minutes to install it on Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope.


I am not going to bomb you with screenshots, because there are plenty of those on the Internet, but I will however, show some peculiarities.


  • Windows7′ Gadgets Vs. KDE4′ Plasmoid

ImageShack    ImageShack

can you spot the differences? Jebus! Even the plasmoid/gadgets handles are the same! What the hell is going on here? And they obviously only show up if you mouse over them, on both the environments.


  • File browser

ImageShack   ImageShack

I actually think this is one of the main components where you can see how the designers/coders are organizing information, as it can have so much information in such a small window.


Finally, and yes… I didn’t want to make something lengthy, just to add a few points, I am really happy that GTK apps do not look like crap on KDE anymore! Take a look at Gimp:


Ps.: the default KDE4 wallpaper, does kick ass.

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5 Responses to “KDE4 Vs. Windows 7”

  1. Pai says:

    Sim o KDE 4 acho que foi um tiro no pé, ou um passo atrás, na melhor hipótese. Mas com aplicações tão promissoras – ou mesmo tão boas – os rapazes do KDE só podem corrigir o que está mal e andar em frente (deixando de vez o Windows look).

  2. Marisa Lemos says:

    Só para chatear/picar um pouquinho…

    Tanto quanto me lembro na versão Vista do Windows esses gadgets já existiam e tinham o mesmo desempenho (mas agora no 7 não aparecem em Sidebar nenhuma) 😛
    E na barra inicial, não encontro assim tantas semelhanças (a barra do KDE parece-me bem mais personalizável).

    E pronto, só queria meter o dedinho na massa 😉

    Kissus my love *

  3. Charles Norrie says:

    I don’t mind what flavour of linux anyone uses as long as it’s linux.

    What I care about is that Linux is never proposed as a solution to solving the Conficker problem by anyone in the so called technical media.

    Please just write a few notes saying if they would use Ubuntu, and tell the world all their troubles would fade away

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