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Hi gang,


I have just added a link to the top of the page (where am I), which should show up my location (or at least, where my Blackberry thinks I am). I am still figuring out the frequency I will use to update those values, because that means the mobile phone turning up the GPS, and sending the values through zeh Interwebs, which, of course, costs battery.


Also, I would like your help in deciding which gallery system I should keep. The new one, actually fetches the photos from flickr, so it’s more practical for me, as I don’t have to update both the galleries (the andrelemos.com and flickr.com one).

[poll id=”3″]

Ps.: try not to judge the galleries based on their contents, but rather on the layout/functionality!

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6 Responses to “Blog changes”

  1. Marisa Lemos says:

    Não pode ser acrescentada uma funcionalidade do género “slideshow” ou assim na nova?

  2. Pai says:

    A nova página como está parece-me muito bem. E o conceito “KISS” (Keep it simple and sweet) faz parte dela; mais funcionalidades, iam-lhe, possivelmente, retirar essa vantagem (funcional e estética).
    Não é sítio para por muitas fotos mas apenas as melhores; acho…

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