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Introducing Love

This is sort of an intrusion to this blog by the sweetest girl in André’s fascinating life. Yeah, me. MARISA


YAY 4 me!! 🙂 Here I am… yup, this is me. You should know by now that André couldn’t resist not having me by his side any longer (even in here 😆 ). He sort of kindly asked me to join him and as a cool girlfriend, that I actually am (very important notice), I couldn’t refuse it. Well, you might have seen me in the previous post and some others (few of them) where I appear as a B-e-A-u-T-i-F-u-L model or where I appear as the lady of his heart and as the reason why he breathes (that would be… well, ME in every post since the very beginning 🙄 what can I do? He simply adores me!). But the most important thing is that I love him and everything about him…

… even when he’s wearing the t-shirt (“I have a big pickle ready to be eaten”) that I gave him, for no particular reason, and my sunglasses by Guess (this is the proof that he also loves everything about me, he even wears my “girly” props!!! 😛 )

Ah! E a qualidade da imagem deve-se ao facto de ter sido usado um telemóvel Sony Ericsson z610i para o efeito (whatever that means)

Isn’t he simply adorable, gorgeous, irresistibly lovable and MINE? 😳 Just perfect!!

About me: I’m the woman in his life who will buy him Milupa banana when our children will gaze at Cerelac 😛 (sounds like a plan for life)

Moving on… by now you must have realized the importance of being Marisa in André’s life and why I am around here. That’s right… simply to annoy you and write silly things instead of saying them out loud (that’s only because I don’t have my sweetheart around and I don’t feel like talking alone).

😀 but I could not leave without sharing another photo of my love, himself…

How much I love thee

How much I love thee

Probably, I’ll be back later… much later, don’t worry 😈

Did I tell you that I love him? … *cuddles with André*

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2 Responses to “Introducing Love”

  1. Marisa says:

    Uh uh…!

    I have a comment to leave 😀 ih-ih
    Adorei este post. Super original e cómico e cute e dedicado. Neste excelente blog sobre Milupa e Fotografia, fazem falta posts como este que permitam alegrar o nosso espírito com tanta palhaçada despropositada.

    Marisa, está aprovadíssima para continuar a partilhar isso tudo connosco, é um privilégio. =)

    XXXX Marisa

  2. Mytho says:

    Ao ler este post, espremi meu monitor e caiu mel.

    Até parece iogurte!!


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