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Life sucks

and then you… well… nothing. really.

Nothing is ever what you expect. Plans get flushed. Hobbies are rendered grey. People change. YOU change. sacrifices are made. you laugh. you cry.

Idle hands are the devil’s playthings. really. do not cling to your mobile phone.

in an age of a very small global village, the butterfly effect is massive. a word, a status changes lives. your life. my life. choices are easier to make.

in the end, what have you accomplished? really? How will it all end? You’ll only have two possible outcomes. Alone, or meaningful to someone.

you root for your team. you watch girls in their bikini while on the beach, even though they’ll never mean anything to you. you live.

what is life really, but a sum of decisions, with a perspective of a piss poor outcome?

choices make up for your journey, and lead you to different outcomes. I have made my share of decisions based on what I expected from life.

do I regret any? hell no! do I regret some of their outcomes? yes. why? well… quite frankly, just like we are the sum of our experiences, decisions are the sum of these experiences. these experiences let us look into the future and foresee what our life would be.

so yes. life sucks. just be sure to make the correct decisions so you can live by.

sucker! there is no more text. just another life’s big disappointments.

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3 Responses to “Life sucks”

  1. TheJackal says:

    True my friend, very true.

    You make decisions which you’re prepared to live with and others, regrettably, are made for you by those most dear. You’re not ready for or expecting them but life has a way of making them more bearable.

    The path you choose for yourself is not so much the sum of all the influences which have shaped your decisions but a product of your ideals, upbringing and self-belief that “in the end” everything will be ok and life will sort itself out.

    Feeling lost is life’s way of making you find yourself again. Just remember, you can always count on yourself for support.

  2. xtn says:

    life is life
    but it doesn’t suck….
    be happy my friend, whatever happens!!


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