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New coat

Hi gang,

Some news on the photographic camp material:

  • got a huey pro to calibrate my monitors. Works in Windows, Mac, Linux, so it’s a perfect fit. And it also does ambient readings during a certain interval, which is very cool.
  • wanted to plug my CRT to a second graphics card, so I could see my images on both the TFT and the CRT at the same time. To my surprise, I found out my graphics card already had 2 DVI links. cool.
  • got a half case for my Zeiss Ikon ZM hand made in Italy, with the best Italian leather.

So now I have 2 monitors (one TFT and one CRT), both constantly monitored by the huey pro colour calibration device.

Some crappy photos of my ZM’s outfit (shot them at 23:00 with my mom’s point and shoot, so… yeah..):

ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack

I am taking my time to rescan some negatives (cause now I have the monitors calibrated et al), it’s great therapy!

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