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Tourist in Lisbon


On Saturday Marisa took me for a great walk through the Lisbon centre. The idea was to visit the Castle of São Jorge, which we did, and I had a really great time! The view from up there is really cool.

I am insanely tired, so I am not typing much text, at least not on this entry.

I’ve developed the following photos with Xtol, stock dilution for 5m:30s. The film is Ilford Delta 400.

Me and Marisa obviously! On a building reflection (one of the last photos of the day actually):

I really love this one, because of the reflection on the window, the look on the old man’s face, and the girl on the low left corner trying to get a glimpse 🙂

On this one you can see Marisa’s father. The camera was giving me an overexposure warning, prolly because of the intensely backlit subject. I took the risk anyways, and I’m really glad I did 🙂

This one really deserves a bigger version, but I’ll leave you this just for now. Can you feel the atmosphere? Great meter on the GTN I have to admit it.

Who else? I love this one 😀

Yours truly, shot by Marisa 🙂

And finally, a self-portrait of us shot by Marisa 🙂

There are more postable photos, but I am too sleepy to do that today. I will very likely post… I don’t know, something like 97% of these photos on larger sizes.

bye 🙂

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2 Responses to “Tourist in Lisbon”

  1. Mytho says:

    ó tão kiduxxxxxxxx 😛

    Lisbon ftw! \o/

  2. Bruno says:

    epah, que barbudo do caraças!!! ;D ehehe

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