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Hey there!

This weekend was great! I went to Marisa’s farm house near Ferreira do Zêzere, and I have spent a really great time while there! It’s a really peaceful place, with great landscapes.

I think the highlights were obviously, the time we’ve spent together, either when cuddling, sweeping the patio, catching oranges or running on the river shore (I obviously outran her :-P, and don’t you dare denying this!).

Her family was really nice to me, and are great folks all around. The weather was a bit chilly, but other than that, all was perfect 🙂

I suppose the highlight of the highlights was when visiting Dornes’ [1][2][photo] church, that is situated in a peninsula, the friendly church keeper promised us that when we’d get married, she’d fill Dornes’ church with flowers, and any time we’d go back, we could sleep over at her place. I think she really liked us, and thought we were married from the get go, because filling a church with flowers isn’t an easy, nor cheap task.

In contrast, my next week is going to be hectic, and I suppose I’m glad for that. Life is boring otherwise 😛


12:45 – Catch train to Lisbon
14:22 – Arrive at Lisbon
16:20 – Catch plane to Barcelona
19:05 – Arrive in Barcelona
20:00? – Check in on the Hotel
??:?? – Have dinner with old colleague from college working in Spain


09:30 – Training
11:00 – Coffee Break
11:30 – Resume Training
13:00 – Training
14:30 – Resume Training
16:00 – End Training
19:50 – Catch plane to Lisbon
20:45 – Arrive in Lisbon
21:30? – Check in on the Hotel


09:00 – Meeting
12:00 – End Meeting
13:00 – Lunch
??:?? – Catch train to Coimbra
??:?? – Perhaps some classes if I make it


10:00 – Teleconference
??:?? – Classes (need to go to a lab, because I’ll miss the Tuesday one).


??:?? – Classes
21:00 – Stacey Kent’s concert with Marisa


All of this just reminded me that I need to shave and take a bath, and do some packing. sucks.

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