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Birthday Aftermath

So, today is the 2nd of March, and yesterday, as you should’ve known, was my birthday 😛
These people remembered:

  • Marisa Duque – Phone Call + Wonderful Day (more on that below)
  • xtn – MSN + Spanish happy birthday weird video lol
  • Mom – In Real Life
  • Tita Margarido – SMS
  • Auntie T – Phone Call
  • Edgar – SMS
  • Nuno Costa – SMS
  • Pai – Grumpy SMS
  • ImperfectDelilah – SMS
  • Jpp – MSN (half an hour late actually)
  • Mapha – MSN (one hour late actually)

Everyone else is, obviously, on my blacklist.

Yesterday (1st of March) I had my alarm clock set to 7:30, so I could be with Marisa at 10 o’clock in her house in Lisbon.

Oddly enough, I woke up at 7:29 (before the alarm went off), and so I turned on the stereo so I wouldn’t fall asleep again. When I turned on the stereo, I started listening two girls singing happy birthday in Portuguese. I was like… wtf? Is this some sort of surprise? Nah…. It was just that it’s TSF 20th birthday. phew…. Odd though.

My mom also woke up, but she had her eyes barely open, as she didn’t knew I was going to wake up so early, and was really still very sleepy. While I was getting my cloths on, she went to pick up my presents (cloths), and told me to take them to Lisbon so that Marisa could approve them. Odd. But I can live with that.

The weather wasn’t very friendly looking, but while on the road, I’ve heard on the radio that on the North of Portugal in the morning, one could see some clouds, but they were very high, and would clear pretty fast. Despite the weather, everything looked very colorful and pretty to me, I guess that was because it was my birthday, and I was on my way to Lisbon to meet with Marisa, and the rest of her family, so this could be a turning point kind of day (which it really was).

Anyways, after I passed by Serra dos Candeeiros, the blue skies showed up, and I could see the clouds against the mountains behind me. It was a really beautiful scenery.

As I arrived at Marisa’s house, I noticed it was a bit early (I should be there at 10, but it was something like 9:50), and at first I thought I’d just hang around for a little bit outside the house, so I could ring the bell right on time. That plan soon fell to pieces when I realized I had to go the bathroom real fast lol 😛

After I’ve met with Marisa, and her grandmother and grandfather, I’ve started noticed a few things that made me really happy. Marisa had her hair set up the way I like it the most, and was wearing a real cool wool jacket, just the kind I love.

I had a really great time while in Lisbon. I ate a chocolate cake made by Marisa (which got my top approval!), and from everyone else apparently!
Had lunch cooked by her grandmother, which is a real cool person, and I fell a bit bad for pushing the hospitality (having lunch and dinner at their expenses, so I bought Pastéis de Belém for her, and another pack for my mom, so she wouldn’t feel left out :-P).

Set at a table for lunch with Marisa and her father (which seems like a very knowledgeable person, one of the few I’ve met outside of work IIRC) went to a photography exhibition about Portuguese emigrants in France, ate half of an ice cream (loL?), got NOT to see the sunset, and had dinner at Marisa’s house again (she made this awesome sauce for the meet). I was really glad that her father liked me, because things should be much more easier for us, now that I know him, and I suppose, got his approval 😀

I’ve also received lots of presents from Marisa!

  • a real cute alarm clock
  • a really cute post card (loved it, really)
  • a CD with MOST of our favorite songs
  • a CD from The Pianist official sound track (great musics from Chopin)
  • two tickets to see Stacey Kent in concert on the 14th of March in Lisbon

The real cool thing, was that Marisa didn’t gave me the presents all at once. For instance, she first gave me the alarm clock early in the morning, and finally gave me the tickets for the concert when we were in an incredibly romantic scenario around 18 o’clock or so. Great timing on that one 😛


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9 Responses to “Birthday Aftermath”

  1. Mytho says:

    e prontos, lá tás tu outra vez com os coraçõezinhos nos olhos, jóia!
    Bom pa ti! E pa ela! E pa mim, que já a aprovei anteriormente! Tá autorizado!



  2. Carrapato says:

    Carolina Rave? diz:
    tas velho pa caralho OH
    Carolina Rave? diz:
    ontem tive a estudar seis horas de historia
    Carolina Rave? diz:
    e sei que fizeste anos ontem
    Carolina Rave? diz:
    e ya
    Carolina Rave? diz:
    eu esqueci-me
    Carolina Rave? diz:
    nao vou tar a dizer que nao me esqueci porque me esqueci
    Carolina Rave? diz:
    mas hey
    Carolina Rave? diz:


  3. Marisa Duque says:

    As coisas que faço por ti…!! 😀 até fiz o meu melhor bolo de chocolate de sempre, só por ti! ;p
    … e lá isso de ser um momento romântico quando te dei os bilhetes… é um ‘cadinho relativo LoL o ar estava assim a modos que meio para o gélido XD

    Ah e tal: “já falaste com o teu namorado hoje?” by Dad xD o que eu sofro!!! * * * * * * * * *

  4. Caracol says:

    A very late Happy Birthday!

  5. iMperfectDelilah says:

    eu lembreime vez vez xD entraste no portugas e deu-me para vir ver o teu blog :B
    tudo bem ? beijinho

  6. Jaime says:

    This is bollocks, I wished you happy birthday on MSN!! Okay so I haven’t got the log to prove it but I know I did! Or am I going senile all too early?

    I’m blacklisting your blacklist!

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