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Built to be Strong

The base structure of the camera is a one-piece aluminum die cast part. The focal plane shutter and lens bayonet are both attached to the stable structure as well as the solid die cast camera front plate.



So yes… I have bought a Zeiss Ikon ZM rangefinder, that should be arriving tomorrow or so. You can read the sentences I have been publishing on a Zeiss brochure.

All of these phrases have had a hidden meaning to them, I doubt any of you caught it. Anyways, the idea was to keep this a mystery till I actually got the camera, and then shoot me and the camera on a pose similar to Mr. José Cid. Something along these lines:

josé cid

But I couldn’t wait, because, besides the disappointment of not having received my new camera, I’ve also had to deal with… Well… Today, the 10th, Thursday, I was expecting something. special. A turn of events. Someone once told me that we should never hold our perspectives too high, because we might get disappointed, but I had my hopes up due to recent events, oh well.

Getting disappointed does come with the turf, but I’d rather be a dreamer, than a cold hearted thinker. And with this, I leave you with a small piece of text, originally by Mr. William Shakespeare, but then later adapted by Mr. August Strindberg (I’ll leave in bold the original text by Bill Shakespeare as I call him).

Yes, I am crying, although I am a man.
But has not a man eyes?
Has not a man hands, limbs, heart, thoughts and passions
Does he not live by the same food,
is he not wounded by the same weapons,
warmed and cooled by the same summer and winter as a woman?

If you prick us do we not bleed?
If you tickle us do we not laugh?
If you poison us, do we not die?

Why should a man be forbidden to
Complain, or a soldier to weep?
Because it is unmanly?
Why is it unmanly?


crying is good.

I would also like to share with you two songs that have been in my head for far too long by now.

Junior BoysSo This is Goodbye (lyric)

Junior BoysWhen No One Cares (lyric)


So… To wrap it up, because I have more stuff to do, I need to TELL SOMEONE that I am freakin’ tired of stupid blog posts, like so:

“Extremely opportune thoughts #whatever: Thought of the day, I AM BORING AS SHIT!”

Those kind of blog posts alone keep me out of my own. It’s just sad.

I’d also like to inform you, and this is inline with the previous statement, that my new hobby is to _almost_ win those annoying stupid flash games, like… Hit the button X times to try to eat faster than the other monkey, or to score more goals, or whatever. By not winning the games, I get to entertain myself, without actually moving to their website.


it’s perfect.



ohhhhhh I almost forgot, today (well, at midnight anyways), I’ll try to surprise the young iMperfectDelilah by calling her and playing (it’s her birthday):

Plain White T’sHey There Delilah (lyric)

I think this surprise making side of me comes from my father. He used to surprise me with cool gifts and such. 🙂


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3 Responses to “Built to be Strong”

  1. Carrapato says:

    Todos choram (:

  2. iMperfectDelilah says:

    ohh :’D eu gostei da surpresa
    e fiqei surpreendida ^^
    obrigado :*

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