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All these dirty words

They make us look so dumb
Been drinking far too much
And neither of us mean what we say
Well you and I
Collapsed in love
And it looks like we might have made it, yes it looks like we’ve made it to the end
What happened to us
Soon it will be gone forever
Infatuated only with ourselves
And neither of us can think straight anymore
(chorus x 2)

BlurTo the End

As promised on the previous post, here’s a large post for your own indulgence.

First and foremost, let me announce, that I am seriously considering buying a 420. Not right now, because it is cold et al, but perhaps in February (going to see it tomorrow YAY). Why? Well…. If you know me, then you should know by now, that I’ve promised myself that before I die, I must sail again. Why? Because I freakin’ love it.

ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack

That’s me on these pictures (taken by my grandfather). On the first picture, I am the one on the left. That boat was an Optimist, and is usually the class used to teach sailing to young people, although it is also a very competitive class.

Besides the Optimist, I also learned how to sale (later on) on a different class, called L’Equipe (sorry, can’t find a decent link), that as you may have by now guessed, it has a crew of two people, although most of the time I used it alone (yes… I AM that good :-P).

The shots below were also taken by my grandfather, on a competition day (I think I got second place):

ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack

In case you are wondering, I am the guy with farthest to the right on the first photo, and I was 9 years old.It’s funny you know? I think I loved sailing the most because as I was sailing, I was all alone with my mind. Just breaking the waves, and thinking about how great it was, not thinking about anything else. We used to make these little pick nicks on an island, so you can imagine how thrilled a 9 year old boy was. I also remember when I went with the Optimist to the sea, and broke my first waves, remembering the Old Spice commercial (I couldn’t find it on youtube, but basically it was a huge sailing boat breaking huge waves on a really stormy sea, while the music Carmina Burana was playing in the background. powerful shit).

I also have this funny story. Since I was able to maneuver L’Equipe so well, I took a friend of mine from Coimbra to Aveiro so he could go on the boat with me (he was one of those radical bodyboard kind of guys). Well… Everything was going on pretty well, till we capsized (the wind jumped direction, and we were going pretty fast,s o…). HE WAS SCARED SHIT OF THE SHARKS, IN THE MIDDLE OF A RIVER. Crazy shit…. Bodyboarder MY ASS! eheh

I love sailing….

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

PLEASE WATCH AT LEAST THIS LAST ONE, IT IS REALLY COOL! Most of the boats on the videos are 420 🙂

Moving on, it was an odd time for me when I studied in Aveiro, because I stayed lots of time home alone. I guess that’s an explanation why I am not more sociable, or why I also need to hear music, else I start talking with myself.

That’s all I did when I was there (at least during the first year, when I was on the 5th grade). I got out of school, walked for like… 20 minutes, caught a bus that would take an insanely amount of time, got home, and studied while listening to my father’s old tapes. I had no friends, nor anyone at home, and all I did was study. Now that I think of it, it was VERY depressing. I even remember being on the balcony waiting for my dad to get home. I’d say to myself: “If the next car is my dad, I swear I’m going to turn to Buddhism”, or that I’d believe in Jesus, and stuff like that. Yes…. Very messed up…

ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack

It did get me into computers. I would turn my father’s computer on, and get a password prompt. sux… Tried it a few times, couldn’t do it, turned the computer off. Then my father would come home, and ask me if I have been messing around the computer. Well… No sir… *cof* I’m betting he knew 😛 I think he teaching me my first basic DOS commands (he didn’t taught me much, I read most of it) was some kind of promise due to good grades or something. There was two things fundamentally wrong in that department:

  1. Even if I had the best of grades, like… 5 in everything, except one class, it wasn’t good enough. I always got a pat on the back, instead of some well deserved congratulations (my mother is/was much more supportive).
  2. Promises.. Don’t even get me started… I got loads of promises at that age, from being less time alone, to getting an Optimist due to my good grades. None of that happened, and I believe that is just wrong. Promises started to get empty and shallow, and so I had no real incentive, nor was I happy.

Well….. I’m getting sidetracked again. So why am I getting a sail boat. Isn’t that kind of expensive? Well… Yes it is, but it is a childhood dream come true. If I don’t indulge me now, when the fuck is that going to happen? When I have much more responsibilities? A son? Bills? It is time to make the most out of my life, while building up for a successful professional life. I know the big bucks aren’t in Coimbra. So what? I’m not money driven, right now I am career, and personal accomplishment and fulfillment driven. And that is it.

Speaking of work, now my company gives a ride to all workers at lunch time (special bus), and if you show off your company card at some restaurants, you’ll even get a discount. yay :-).

Critical’s Christmas dinner is also coming up, and I am going alone for the second year in a row, which sucks balls, a very lot.oh…. and I am presenting my chat application on the 21st if I recall correctly.

After doing my exams, I went to Norteshopping to blow off some steam. I didn’t went to the last exam, because I was dead sick, and couldn’t be ready for it. Also, I don’t want to be one of those guys that commit suicide, or get great depressions because of all the pressure, and stuff like that. AND school restarts next Monday, so I needed some time to rest.

I’m happy anyways, because I passed the other exams, so I am proud of myself because I am moving forward, even while working, which for me, was a great achievement.Oh… and on Norteshopping, a GAY guy, checked me out from head to toes while grinning. WTF? Do I have some kind of gay magnet on my ass? Oh wait… That didn’t sound right. But Jebus! When I was in Lisbon, a gay guy also came on to me, starting to make small talk and shit (some of you already know the story, so I am not bothering :-P).

Moving forward……….The gym is really working out great! My chest and abs look much better now! I don’t have to crunch the abs to show them of, they just show up naturally :-DI have been doing this routine:

  • bicycle
  • rowing
  • Abs crunch (some times)
  • sauna
  • moisturizing cream on my face. Yes… That’s gay err metrosexual, but my skin really gets dehydrated after the exercise (NO SHIT SHERLOCK).

So the other day I played football with my work colleagues, and oh my god! The gym is really working! I managed to whit stand much longer than before, and got to score 3 (THREE) goals (I was praised for two of them after the match), and I even tried a goal over the goalie, but unfortunately it hit the upper bar. I even got to outrun some colleagues of mine while sprinting with the ball. Just left them behind. Freakin awsome.The bad thing about me having more resistance, is that I put much more effort into my muscles, so now they hurt a bit. But no worries :-)I shouldn’t have gone to the match anyway, me being sick and all. My mother said it’s the easiest way for me to get lung scars, because I am not allowing them to heal completely. crap.

ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack

  1. My mom and my dad, 1 month before I was born – Jan/1983
  2. My father making a fool of himself (THANKS TO ME!! ahahah) – Oct/1993
  3. TV show host? – Dec/1993
  4. Me and mom in Foz do Arelho – Aug/1996
  5. Me and my grandfather (first attempt at wearing glasses) – Aug/1999
  6. Me and mom, and that’s as tanned as I get! – Aug/2007
  7. Me graduating 😛 – Dunno
  8. Stadium Mário Duarte (in Aveiro) – Dunno
  9. Random – Dunno
  10. Random (my father behind me) – Dunno
  11. Auntie T, mom and me – Dunno
  12. Random – Dunno
  13. Random – Dunno

Ain’t life grand?

OH OH OH OH And if you don’t know what you want to give me for Christmas, or can contact my mother so she knows, here are some items:

  • wool sweaters
  • belt
  • Natalie Walker’s CD Urban Angel
  • Télépopmusik’s CD Genetic World AND/OR Angel Milk
  • a good book

thank you

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8 Responses to “All these dirty words”

  1. Mytho says:

    Para o Natal vou fazer-te o teu prato favorito, favas com chouriço!


  2. Jaime says:

    I hear you on the whole “promises vs good grades” shit, I also went through that….its really not right at all 🙁

    There was this one year (7th or 8th grade) where the sum of all my grades would equal *rewards* (top prize being a Soundblaster AWE32 + a whole load of other stuff) and even though I had enough for a Thrustmaster joystick (dodgy name I know!) I still didn’t get it because I got a 2+ in some stupid subject which I can’t even remember what it was.

    Then again I wasn’t that brilliant at school anyway, I would rather prefer sitting at my computer just messing around or playing games to actually studying. Now I’ve got a BSc and MSc and I think I’m pretty damn good at what I do…so *f*** you* to all those teachers who put me down the whole time!

    I was always also being compared to “everyone else’s” kid the whole time….”he’s got good grades”, “they managed to get 4s and 5s”, etc etc. Doesn’t do wonders for your self-confidence either…

    So where are those fuckers now?! Probably still at University or most likely, dropped out….yay for the Portuguese education system.

    Education is what you make of it, nothing else.

  3. wait… SHARKS?!?!?!?!
    looool. brutal. 😛
    g’anda post pá. 😮

  4. btw. there’s an award for you in my blog. 😛

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