when no one cares

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When problems overwhelm us

and sadness smothers us,
where do we find the will
and the courage
to countinue?

The White StripesLittle Acorns

I know… It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything, so tonight… WE DINE IN HELL. Oh wait… That wasn’t it. Tonight, I’m just going to give you this quick post, and then post a huge one. So hang on tight.

For this one, and since we are getting closer and closer to the end of the year, I’m posting the oddest/most popular keyphrases that were used on search engines to get to this blog and/or to my personal website.

The top 10:

  • andre lemos
  • finland
  • flash
  • music
  • family
  • nudes
  • photo
  • macromedia nudes
  • peugeot
  • month

The top oddest/unexpected ones:

  • fotos-nudes
  • andre lemos deviantart
  • let me sing you a walz
  • portfolio
  • breakfast
  • bodom nils hypnosis
  • 106
  • fotos of nudes
  • natalie new eyeglasses
  • this hidden place this private part this secret door into my heart
  • blog andre lemos finland
  • lemos home page
  • andré lemos critical software
  • sail blog/member
  • random rants and chats
  • portfolio de andre
  • andre lemos gallery
  • last weekend i went red bull air race porto
  • penis
  • marisa duque
  • random rants about stupid stuff
  • beauty
  • marta mancelos
  • photos people in gymnasiums
  • andré lemos deviantart
  • colegas cabroes
  • marisa lemos portugal
  • saramago province of spain
  • swedish english where is the train station?
  • mcdonalds ad portugese singer
  • marta umbelino
  • www.gaijas bouas

odd stuff, right? 🙂

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    4 Responses to “When problems overwhelm us”

    1. loool. e eu k pensava que tinhas keywords estranhas como o “portuguese guys reviews”. 😐
      A nossa conversa do outro dia inspirou-te para o post foi? 😛
      por acaso o “andre lemos deviantart” tb já apareceu no meu. (acho k te cheguei a dizer, n sei)

    2. Marta says:

      Olha eu 😀

      E gostei especialmente do ‘penis’ e ‘colegas cabroes’. Realmente eu ouco isso e penso logo no teu blog (not). 😛

      Bom saber que andas bem ^^

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