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Deus dá asas à minha cobra

Não sou freira nem sou puta

Porque nem toda a feiticeira é crocunda

Maria RitaPagu

Just a small update, because I’m prolly going to get stupid busy during the upcoming week.

I’ve installed Leopard 10.5.1 running the original Apple kernel (yay EFI).


The wallpaper is really a running application called EarthDesk (runs in both Windows and MAC) that features real-time clouds, and it looks really cool! This app though, does not come for free (it costs 23.95$ USD), so if you are not running Leopard (but are running Tiger), then give OSXplanet a try! Besides EarthDesk’s features, it also shows you live data about volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.

Now… Back to me.

I’ve updated this blog’s theme (as you’ve probably noticed by now) because it has 3 columns that I can now use to have more widgets. I know there are still some bugs in it (scroll all the way down, and you’ll know what I mean), but it fits the bill nicely for now.Busy wise… I’m having 2 exams next week, and besides that, at work, I’ve been assigned to another project related to the Galileo positioning system (without leaving the other one, so I am now in two), and my first task is to review a Detailed Design Document (it has 300+ pages IIRC).On top of that, I’m also going to show case my Chat application to the Innovation Board (or some fancy name like that) over at Critical Software by the end of the week (which is an exam day).

So yeah…. lol. It’s 11:20 by now, so I’m going to have a shower, shave, have lunch, go to the gym, and study/review document/code/fiddle (I’m a fiddler, I need to fiddle), so don’t whine about it.

OH OH OH OH And I’m also going to Jayme‘s place (it’s his birthday today! YAY!) on Saturday afternoon, so I’ll have to make up for that as well.

I just wish Marisa had invited me to go to Lisbon this afternoon. It would’ve been good for me to gather some strength to face this troublesome period.

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4 Responses to “Deus dá asas à minha cobra”

  1. naovouporai says:

    para quem usar windows tem este aqui free, que é o que eu uso:


    mas fica atento que o homem está a fazer um port para mac (para a mrs. como ele próprio diz eheheh)

    e bom.. se tu vais ao jayme, eu já não vou ao jayme! é assim! ;D

  2. naovouporai says:

    este é só porque me esqueci do “notify me…” 😛

  3. wowowowow, novo theme todo catina… 🙂
    vai lá ao Jayme então, mas juizinhoooo…
    wait… that sounds baaaaad. 😐
    ok, vou é trabalhar k só sai asneira…

  4. Daddy says:

    Eu sei que o site é em inglês, mas…

    a tal feiticeira não será antes “corcunda”, ou isto é um verso à Saramago (não digo que ele dê erros de ortografia, mas sem regras de pontuação).

    Já agora experimentem assim:

    Não sou freira nem sou corcunda
    Porque nem toda a feiticeira é puta


    Sou a feiticeira corcunda
    Porque nem toda a puta é freira

    Também serve, não? 😉

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