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Very long day

I am having a really very long day (I started working this yesterday, but got tired and left this open).

Woke up at 7:30, went to see the doctor (it was hell to get the car parked), waited like 2 hours for the doctor, mom complained, doctor had an urgency patient, mom got in, I got in to see the doctor (it was a she).

My height is 1.71m and my weight is 62Kg (she told me I was elegant, cool), and my blood pressure was 140/85. 140 is a bit high, so I’m scheduled to do a whole bunch of exams.

The good doctor then told me to lay down, and started to feel me. She asked if she could unbutton my pants so she could feel me better. uhm… ok. I have this funny place on my lower tummy, and if you touch it, I twist like hell. I think she almost did.

End of the consult, I didn’t have my social security number. Need to get back.

Came back to the car, had a parking ticket by the city’s police. It has the transgression, when it happened, where it happened, and a description of my car. And then it also asks that I fill in some information about me, and turn that in on the police’s headquarters, so I know what happens next. Are you freakin’ kidding me? I’m not paying for it. Some kid stole it from the wind shield, I don’t care. I’m not feeling out a form to get billed. You should have just locked my car, then I would have paid.

Went home, remembered that while waiting for the doctor, I thought I should pamper myself with a new ipod 80Gb. Went to FNAC’s website, it showed that they had limited availability, so I called. Apparently they have 0 in stock, because they haven’t arrived to Portugal. Crap. (actually now it shows it is available in some stores, so I will probably call).

Took a bath, shaved, had lunch. Thought…. Since I am taking care of me (doctor et al), I might as well take care of my eyes too.

Took my social security number to the doctor, got that figured out.

After that I went into an eyeglasses store.

– How can I help you?

– I have these eyeglasses, but haven’t been using them for a very long time, and I want to go back.

– Ok, wait a minute.

Did some exams, turns  out I now not only have astigmatism as before, but I also have myopia.

– Can you make out other people’s faces at a distance?

– Not really.

Crap. So… In 5 days we will have your new eyeglasses ready, and some contact lenses for you to try on as well. Now let’s try some frames. Ohh…. Those look good on you, let’s try this other one.

*bends over and shows cleavage while putting/removing glasses* x10

Now let’s see if you have a symmetrical face (no one does), and now let me see where your eyeballs are by using a pen marker on the glass of the eyeglasses you’re wearing.

– Oh… I am sorry. My head shivers a lot when you are about to touch the lenses with the pen.

– It’s ok, you’re probably too sensitive when getting close.

So that was awkward. We will call you when everything is ready. Ok. Thank you.

Went to the gymnasium, ran, biked, did some push-ups that worked my legs, my torso, chest and biceps.  Went back home, arranged with Tiago so that he’d meet me at my place, so we’d go to college together.

Got to college, had a 1 hour class, had dinner (really, really crappy fish), had to wait 1 hour before the next class at 21:30. Did some optimization problems (the teacher is really ELECTRIC) for 2 hours. End of the day, got home, arrived at 23:40.

Started writing this blog entry, got tired, went to bed. And that was it.

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2 Responses to “Very long day”

  1. wowowow.
    Que dia pá. 0o Xiiiiiçaaaaaa…

  2. Jaime says:

    I’ve been down the glasses route myself, spent over €200 on a pair which I barely use…I find that my eyes tend to be more tired after I’ve been wearing the glasses all day. IMHO its a conspiracy for them to sell more glasses….fix up any Joe 6 who walks off the street saying that “my eyes get tired after being 8+ hours in front of the screen” (no shit!) and then get them to come back when their eyes really are screwed!

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