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Neck Strings are Done!

Finally, I’ve committed myself to finish the Neck Strings section on my Auntie Ts website.

On the thumbnails you can have an overall view of the piece, while on the right you can see a macro detail. There are 51 pieces, and the ones you see get tagged so you will know which ones you have already seen, and the ones you haven’t.

I’ve also hosted the flash movie somewhere else, so that you can get pretty decent bandwidth, so the gallery should open up pretty quickly.

Have fun.

Ps.: I envision that I will finish the other sections during this weekend, and perhaps finish the whole site on Tuesday, _tops_.

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One Response to “Neck Strings are Done!”

  1. auntie t says:

    Poor thing, nephew andrew, working hard for auntie t…

    Kiss kiss to the artist here – the photographer and website maker. Great job! GREAT NEPHEW!

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