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My Auntie is an Entrepreneur

Hey there,

my Auntie T is doing some really cool things, and so I am helping her out with some stuff.

You can check her future website.You can also take a peak at how the gallery to sell stuff is going to look like, although it is still a major work in progress. I’ve been messing around with Simpleviewer‘s code to get what I want, so expect a different end result.

I’ve just finished tagging, and giving titles to all the neck strings on Lightroom (about 50 items), so that latter it will be easier to manage the on-line gallery by creating/updating it automagically.


I’m really happy with some of these photos 🙂

My good friend Edgar, of TheIguana fame, is also lending a great hand, by re-designing a logo, and doing a catalog (really appreciate it!).

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One Response to “My Auntie is an Entrepreneur”

  1. yeay for T-Things. 🙂
    olha eu ali. 😮

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