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525i e39

Almost 8 months  after I got my new ride (bye bye peugeot 307 1.6 110), I am finally posting something about it. Why? Because I just got the detailed options list, so now it makes a bit more sense 🙂

I’ve been a long E39 lover, and now, I have one!

  • Type code DT31
  • Type 525I (EUR)
  • Dev. series E39 ()
  • Line 5
  • Body type LIM
  • Steering LL
  • Door count 4
  • Engine M54
  • Cubical capacity 2.50
  • Power 141
  • Transmision HECK
  • Gearbox MECH
  • Prod. date 2000-12-18
Order options:
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First iMovie projects

Just did my first iMovie projects. It seems easy enough to do some simple things. There are some really awesome project themes, but I don’t have enough clips to make something decent as of now. Anyway, it should be enough for me, without diving into Final Cut Pro.

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Ride from Work to Home

Now I will add both the KML and the GPX files.


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Mr. President

This just in! Mr. President @ Critical Software S.A.

Cool car 🙂

ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack

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Life from MMS

I haven’t been updating this, but I have been taking some MMS to send to my sweetheart Marisa throughout the day, so I thought, why not share. It’s crapy, boring, but it’s a post! Do not have fun with this.


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Zeh birthday is near!

So…. My birthday is near (you can see the countdown timer on the left), and since my previous post about “Xmas presents!” has only got me FNAC vouchers, I’ve decided to give you another list to help you out with my birthday, though the Xmas list is still valid.

I’d also like to point out that there is a poll going on (also on your left) asking for suggestions on where to be on my birthday. If you select “somewhere else”, please say where under this post. Oh… And you can select up to TWO options.

Besides the ones on the Xmas presents post, I’d also like to add:

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Recommended music – 24/Sept/2007 und Car und Werk :B

Elis ReginaUpa neguinho

AudioslaveJewel of the Summertime

JamiroquaiWorld That He Wants

Pink MartiniSymphatique

José CidO Caos

Nat King ColeUnforgettable

AntiloopStart Rockin’

Natalie ImbrugliaBig Mistake

MadonnaLittle Star

GoldfrappPaper Bag


Peugeot offered me, free of charge, brand new rear shock absorbers and ball bearings, just because I was complaining of some rear noise! w00t!!

Critical will from now on give me 120€ worth of gas every month 🙂

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damn Peugeot!

damn damn damn

I just dropped off my car at Peugeot, and they gave me a replacement vehicle. That’s all find and dandy, if they haven’t given me another Peugeot 307 with GPS, radio with GSM and MP3, and with only 600Km.

damn damn damn

I think they want to force me into buying a new one, those sneaky bastards! lol

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Tunel do Marques!

Today I had the pleasure to go through the Marquês tunnel!

Thanks go to Elsa for making the recording of this video possible 🙂


Ps.: no one has commented on my previous post about my gallery changes, which is kind of sad 🙁

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Power Boost!

Been lurking around some forums about my car (a Peugeot 307 1.6 hdi with 110 hp), and found out that with 290€ I can get a boost of 30hp! That’s A VERY LOT.

Apparently, it is a pretty much standard and safe method. What they do is some chip tuning, which basically makes the engine have a more efficient fuel burn by tuning the spark and fuel injection timings.

I’ve even found a FAQ on this Portuguese guys website that already have quite a reputation for doing a good job (they show up in many magazines, and are pretty thorough to make sure your car stays in shape). Some of the points I’ve retained:

  • the re-programing of the car’s chip is made according to diagnostics obtained before anything is changed, so every car, is a different car to them
  • no hardware is changed AT ALL. It’s only the software on a chip that is re-programmed
  • the motors reliability isn’t changed at all
  • the fuel consumption stays the same, and can actually get lower, because you don’t need to use the gearbox so often, and can stay in high gears for more time
  • the vehicle’s top speed does not necessarily increase (they say it can go from nothing, to +50 Km/h), and I’m fine with that, since I’m happy with my car’s top speed, and Portuguese roads aren’t really any good for more than that
  • the vehicle’s guaranty isn’t voided, because the software is only optimized, and can’t be detected, even when plugged in to diagnostic tools. No hardware gets changed
  • all the changes also take in account the exhaust pipe gases emission
  • no special care needs to be taken after the re-programming

If you click here, you’ll see a test to the engine’s binary on a car similar to mine

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