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New blog member


Since my father was already lurking around the blog (you can see some comments from him), I asked him if he would also like to post some entries.

So… Posts by AndrĂ© Lemos, are mine, and by Miguel Lemos are from my father.

(I’ll also try to convince my auntie T. to do the same, although she is quite busy ATM *fingers crossed*).


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Changed blog

Well… Since YOU are reading this entry, it means that you were capable of finding your way from the other blog, or from my DA journal in here. YAY you.

First changes:

  • new theme
  • new header (shot near lake Bodom [1])
  • the last.fm thingy on the right is much cooler (I have much more freedom to do what I want, since now I am hosting this blog)
    • much more frequent updates
    • much more information on what I’m listening to (you can also see the covers, just hover the band/music)
    • you can hear a small preview of the songs I just listened to! (just click the play button) So YAY!! t.A.t.u. ftw!!! đŸ™‚
  • unlimited images upload
  • ability to have polls
  • etc…

Have fun in here, and please comment on this entry what you like/dislike, improvements, suggestions, etc…

Kiitos đŸ™‚

<update>Apparently IE has some kind of breakage. INTERNET EXPLORER SUX! Now… Having said this, I will _eventually_ solve that, but in the mean time, I will play the same game as some web developers play. Which is, I don’t care if you’re using a broken browser. Want to see the internet in a correct manner? GET A DECENT BROWSER.</update>

<update2>Tested in Firefox and IE7 and it is fixed</update2>

<update3>I DO NOT CARE ABOUT IE6, IT IS A BROKEN, OUTDATED BROWSER, read here why</update3>

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