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Mobile phone accessible

This blog is now mobile phone accessible. Try accessing it with your Android or iPhone/iTouch device. You’ll be surprised 🙂

All thanks to the wptouch plugin. Pretty cool I must say. Now any wordpress site can be easier to navigate on these, and perhaps others mobile devices.

cool beans.

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Blog changes

Hi gang,


I have just added a link to the top of the page (where am I), which should show up my location (or at least, where my Blackberry thinks I am). I am still figuring out the frequency I will use to update those values, because that means the mobile phone turning up the GPS, and sending the values through zeh Interwebs, which, of course, costs battery.


Also, I would like your help in deciding which gallery system I should keep. The new one, actually fetches the photos from flickr, so it’s more practical for me, as I don’t have to update both the galleries (the andrelemos.com and flickr.com one).

[poll id=”3″]

Ps.: try not to judge the galleries based on their contents, but rather on the layout/functionality!

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Ah pois é!!!

Aqui a minha persona tinha prometido um post para hoje e para não faltar ao prometido… aqui vai um resuminho do que aí vem (bem resumidinho = tópicos):

  1. Férias de Verão
  2. Estágio de transição / Início de aulas
  3. Aniversário / BIG surprise
  4. Avô do André Lemos (o senhor João Pereira de Lemos) / Livro: “Antónia, António, Antónia”
  5. Introdução à fotografia digital by André Lemos / flickr
  6. São Martinho / André Lemos na apanha da castanha

Justificação para a ausência de post decente hoje: Muito cansaço e soninho (ninguém corre atrás de mim)

Até loguinho

[ * – * título inspirado numa conversa com o meu Homem, hoje à noite antes de irmos para a cama]

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Introducing Love

This is sort of an intrusion to this blog by the sweetest girl in André’s fascinating life. Yeah, me. MARISA


YAY 4 me!! 🙂 Here I am… yup, this is me. You should know by now that André couldn’t resist not having me by his side any longer (even in here 😆 ). He sort of kindly asked me to join him and as a cool girlfriend, that I actually am (very important notice), I couldn’t refuse it. Well, you might have seen me in the previous post and some others (few of them) where I appear as a B-e-A-u-T-i-F-u-L model or where I appear as the lady of his heart and as the reason why he breathes (that would be… well, ME in every post since the very beginning 🙄 what can I do? He simply adores me!). Read more…

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I Wanna be a Pilot II

I Wanna be a Pilot II, originally uploaded by a_lemos.

Started adding my photos to flickr.

I will try, in time, to upload most of my “postable” photos, so many photos should get in there in time.

Be prepared for some surprises 🙂

I am doing this post from flickr directly into my blog, let’s see if this works.

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Service Down

In about 30 minutes or so, the blog will be down, as I will be changing some hardware components on the server.

Have fun 🙂

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Diz Que Até Não É Um Mau Blog


I just received the award “Diz Que Até Não É Um Mau Blog

w00t w00t!

The rest of this entry will be in Portuguese.

Recebi este prémio do caríssimo The-Iguana que vocês já devem conhecer destas passagens.

O texto dele sobre a minha nomeação foi:

3. Random Rants Of Course: O blog do sr André Lemos (el tux) que tal como eu também gosta de fotografia e é um dos génios da Critical Software (um dia vais ser dono daquilo pá). 😛

eheh, e poderão ver esse mesmo post aqui.

Infelizmente, pelas regras, só poderei atribuir o prémio a um blog. O do meu caríssimo amigo Jayme que tem das histórias mais engraçadas na blogoesfera. Acho até muito sinceramente que o cara devia escrever um livro!

1. Este prémio deve ser atribuído aos blogs que considerem serem bons, entende-se como bom os blogs que costuma visitar regularmente e onde deixa comentários.
2. Só e somente se recebeu o “Diz que até não é um mau blog”, deve escrever um post:
РIndicando a pessoa que lhe deu o pr̩mio com um link para o respectivo blog;
РA tag do pr̩mio;
– As regras;
РE a indica̤̣o de outros 7 blogs para receberem o pr̩mio.
3. Deve exibir orgulhosamente a tag do prémio no seu blog, de preferência com um link para o post em que fala dele.
4. (Opcional) Se quiser fazer publicidade ao blogger que teve a ideia de inventar este prémio, ou seja – Skynet – pode fazê-lo no post).

Agradeço a todos os meus fans, porque sem eles, nada disto seria possível.

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When problems overwhelm us

and sadness smothers us,
where do we find the will
and the courage
to countinue?

The White Stripes – Little Acorns

I know… It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything, so tonight… WE DINE IN HELL. Oh wait… That wasn’t it. Tonight, I’m just going to give you this quick post, and then post a huge one. So hang on tight.

For this one, and since we are getting closer and closer to the end of the year, I’m posting the oddest/most popular keyphrases that were used on search engines to get to this blog and/or to my personal website.

Read more…

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Deus dá asas à minha cobra

Não sou freira nem sou puta

Porque nem toda a feiticeira é crocunda

Maria Rita – Pagu

Just a small update, because I’m prolly going to get stupid busy during the upcoming week.

I’ve installed Leopard 10.5.1 running the original Apple kernel (yay EFI).


The wallpaper is really a running application called EarthDesk (runs in both Windows and MAC) that features real-time clouds, and it looks really cool! This app though, does not come for free (it costs 23.95$ USD), so if you are not running Leopard (but are running Tiger), then give OSXplanet a try! Besides EarthDesk’s features, it also shows you live data about volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.

Now… Back to me.

I’ve updated this blog’s theme (as you’ve probably noticed by now) because it has 3 columns that I can now use to have more widgets. I know there are still some bugs in it (scroll all the way down, and you’ll know what I mean), but it fits the bill nicely for now.Busy wise… I’m having 2 exams next week, and besides that, at work, I’ve been assigned to another project related to the Galileo positioning system (without leaving the other one, so I am now in two), and my first task is to review a Detailed Design Document (it has 300+ pages IIRC).On top of that, I’m also going to show case my Chat application to the Innovation Board (or some fancy name like that) over at Critical Software by the end of the week (which is an exam day).

So yeah…. lol. It’s 11:20 by now, so I’m going to have a shower, shave, have lunch, go to the gym, and study/review document/code/fiddle (I’m a fiddler, I need to fiddle), so don’t whine about it.

OH OH OH OH And I’m also going to Jayme‘s place (it’s his birthday today! YAY!) on Saturday afternoon, so I’ll have to make up for that as well.

I just wish Marisa had invited me to go to Lisbon this afternoon. It would’ve been good for me to gather some strength to face this troublesome period.

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Blog, oh Blog

Ever since I could remember, but even more now with this blog, while life unfolds in front of me, I keep constantly thinking of something to write on this blog related to what I’ve just experienced. I guess I’ve always pondered a lot about what surrounds me.
I don’t know if this happens to you as well, but I’m betting it does, even if you don’t usually write about it.

Just imagine if you’d do your comments _out loud_ I wondered. And a Family Guy scene came to mind:

YouTube Preview Image


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