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Mer Girl

I ran from my house that cannot contain me
From the man that I cannot keep
From my mother who haunts me, even though she’s gone
From my daughter that never sleeps
I ran from the noise and the silence
From the traffic on the streets

Madonna – Mer Girl

Hoje fiz algo que penso nunca fiz na minha vida. Correr por correr. Sem ser numa aula de educação física, no ginásio, ou enquanto jogo futebol. O primeiro mapa é a ida, e o segundo a volta.

A volta já me custou um bocadito mais, mas fica aqui na mesma, sem vergonha nenhuma! 🙂

Gosto sempre de associar uma música a tudo o que faço, e a escolhida foi a música acima. Fica aqui a mesma para que possam sentir o mesmo:

YouTube Preview Image
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Andrézito —> 12 horinhas

…e já estou pertinho de ti. Esta directa hoje deixou-me tontinha de todo…

Bom dia!!!! 😀

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Skiing before I die.


I guess I can chalk off skiing from my TODO list before I die.

well… Not that I have one, or intend to die soon, but you get the picture!

two of my collegues invited me to go skiing to Vodafone Ski Resort:

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Passeio a Évora

Um belo passeio a Évora, numa manhã fria – mas com sol –  de Inverno. E de comboio, a nossa modesta contribuição para a preservação da camada de ozono. E ainda por cima relaxante,  contraponto ao stress de todos os dias.

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Testing GPS tracking

This plugin for wordpress is kind of cool. Just used my Blackberry’s GPS to log my small trip, and this is what it shows here on wordpress:



I do not remember going that fast though. It has got to be wrong! lol 🙂

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I am on an hotel room in allicante. it’s 4:25. I am a bit dizzy. someguy offered me a box of allicante sweets (lol), and I need to get some sleep, meeting early in the morning.


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Tourist in Lisbon II

As promised, larger versions of 4 of my favourite photos from my previous post (there’s one new):

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Tourist in Lisbon


On Saturday Marisa took me for a great walk through the Lisbon centre. The idea was to visit the Castle of São Jorge, which we did, and I had a really great time! The view from up there is really cool.

I am insanely tired, so I am not typing much text, at least not on this entry.

I’ve developed the following photos with Xtol, stock dilution for 5m:30s. The film is Ilford Delta 400.

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I love technology

I am currently typing this while on an Alfa Pendular, going from Coimbra to Lisbon, where I am going to meet with Marisa in about 30 minutes, and after that, I’m going to have a work meeting.

Even the bandwidth isn’t too bad!

I just tested it, and I am doing 691.36 kbps down and 268.64 kbps up! These are really good results! Better than some cable connections (this is a 3G connection).

I wish my office was here all the time. We get TV, nice comfy chairs, really great landscape, air conditioning, etc… The only bad part is that I have to hear this guy chatting all the time on the phone, but that’s why headphones were invented.

I am happy geek right now 🙂

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RedBull Air Race 2007

Today, me, my mom and my father went to Porto to watch the Red Bull Air Race 2007, where 600000 people attended!

So… Lots of people, lots of confusion, and a small spot that my dad discovered for us to watch the race, and…. enough with the crap. Let’s just cut to the photos 🙂

Hit Continue Reading » to see all the photos.

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