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The Love Boat – PART II

So….After hearing my cabin mates get out of bed and leave the room, I’ve decided to do the same, as we should prolly be arriving to Stockholm, and right I was. There was already lots of fuss on the upper decks, as people were having breakfast and getting ready to get out of the boat. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very nice, but the landscape was well worth the slight drizzle.

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Apparently we were following this other boat (you can see it on one of the movies on the previous post), though at some point the other point went to another harbor, while we proceeded to ours.

First video from Stockholm:

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The Love Boat – PART I

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That’s a nice start for a new blog entry, isn’t it?


It all started on a sunny Friday morning (22nd, June). Since it was a holiday here in Finland, I decided to sleep a bit more since the new hotel where I am at serves breakfast up till 11 o’clock on weekends and holidays. So after taking a bath, and do some previous planing for the trip, I’ve decided to go down stairs to take my power breakfast. Or was I….

When I got to the restaurant, the breakfast area was already closed to my dismay, and so I asked one of the bar employees where was the breakfast area (it was 10:40 by now), to which she replied that breakfast was over at 10, and it’s only available till 11 on weekends. bastards.

Anyways, the girl was really nice, and asked me if I wanted her to see if they could make me something in the kitchen, and so a few minutes later she came out with a nice big sandwich! đŸ™‚

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