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I can not believe it.

Finally the place where I as getting my degree on has now a program just like any other school in the country that is in conformance with the Bolonha guidelines (it is even official).

This will make me go back to school and finish the damn thing. It is also nice because:

  1. each year (in a total of 3 years) has 4 trimesters with 3 modules each, which will enable us, the students, to focus on the subjects much more easily
  2. since I have some modules already complete, I’m only 6 modules away (on the first trimester, the others may vary) from getting my degree
  3. they have a time schedule for students who work as well, such as me
  4. but the best of all is, I will get my dad off of my back. Yes… He’s only doing his job, and he only wants the best for me et al. But being concerned about my future, to saying that I have been waisting my time goes a very long way, and I digress, specially since on the CS side of things, experience goes A VERY LONG WAY, _much longer_ than a degree. As a matter of fact, I am much better of than my high school colleagues that have their Economy/Management degrees, or my college _colleagues_ that have already finished their CS degree. They either have crappy jobs, or are unemployed.

So now the plan is:

  1. continue to evolve on Critical Software and pimp my curriculum vitae even more (yes, I’m getting proud of it :-P)
  2. in 2 years (max 3) finish my CS engineering degree. And yes. My job will still be my top priority.
  3. perhaps getting some management degree to complement my CS knowledge
  4. PROFIT!
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