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Andrézito —> 12 horinhas

…e já estou pertinho de ti. Esta directa hoje deixou-me tontinha de todo…

Bom dia!!!! 😀

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Estágio/Aulas… [parte II]

Dia 9 de Setembro, às 7:15 da manhã, estava eu a sair de casa para o meu primeiro dia de um mês decisivo. (Dia 8 tinha sido apenas uma introdução ao estágio)

Serviço de Medicina III:

Patologias mais comuns: AVCs, Neoplasias (muitas!), Insuficiências (cardíacas, renais)

Grau de dependência da maioria dos doentes: nível IV (máximo)

Número de camas: Insuficiente. Macas no corredor e em alguns quartos. Read more…

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All these dirty words

They make us look so dumb
Been drinking far too much
And neither of us mean what we say
Well you and I
Collapsed in love
And it looks like we might have made it, yes it looks like we’ve made it to the end
What happened to us
Soon it will be gone forever
Infatuated only with ourselves
And neither of us can think straight anymore
(chorus x 2)

BlurTo the End

As promised on the previous post, here’s a large post for your own indulgence.
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Deus dá asas à minha cobra

Não sou freira nem sou puta

Porque nem toda a feiticeira é crocunda

Maria RitaPagu

Just a small update, because I’m prolly going to get stupid busy during the upcoming week.

I’ve installed Leopard 10.5.1 running the original Apple kernel (yay EFI).


The wallpaper is really a running application called EarthDesk (runs in both Windows and MAC) that features real-time clouds, and it looks really cool! This app though, does not come for free (it costs 23.95$ USD), so if you are not running Leopard (but are running Tiger), then give OSXplanet a try! Besides EarthDesk’s features, it also shows you live data about volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.

Now… Back to me.

I’ve updated this blog’s theme (as you’ve probably noticed by now) because it has 3 columns that I can now use to have more widgets. I know there are still some bugs in it (scroll all the way down, and you’ll know what I mean), but it fits the bill nicely for now.Busy wise… I’m having 2 exams next week, and besides that, at work, I’ve been assigned to another project related to the Galileo positioning system (without leaving the other one, so I am now in two), and my first task is to review a Detailed Design Document (it has 300+ pages IIRC).On top of that, I’m also going to show case my Chat application to the Innovation Board (or some fancy name like that) over at Critical Software by the end of the week (which is an exam day).

So yeah…. lol. It’s 11:20 by now, so I’m going to have a shower, shave, have lunch, go to the gym, and study/review document/code/fiddle (I’m a fiddler, I need to fiddle), so don’t whine about it.

OH OH OH OH And I’m also going to Jayme‘s place (it’s his birthday today! YAY!) on Saturday afternoon, so I’ll have to make up for that as well.

I just wish Marisa had invited me to go to Lisbon this afternoon. It would’ve been good for me to gather some strength to face this troublesome period.

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How many words

Will fail me in my negligence
To arrest, oh yes
This crazy part of me?

JamiroquaiHot Tequila Brown

THIS ENTRY IS VIDEO INTENSIVE (movies by Stanley Kubrick), SO TO WATCH THE WHOLE ENTRY HIT “Continue Reading”

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Do I know you from somewhere?

Why do you leave me wanting more?
Why do all the things I say
Sound like the stupid things I’ve said before?


Yes… I do listen to Madonna, and I have a perfectly good reason for it. When I read the 3 books of Lord of The Rings, a colleague had borrowed me Ray of Light by Madonna, and besides being a good album (really different from anything else she has done), I always link the musics from this album to passages of the LOTR book, which feels kind of magical to me.

I know I have been quiet for a while, so now I am going to give you a BIG entry (will talk about work, some stuff I bought, music, new albums coming out, gymnasium, and I think that’s about it). Not some usual rant, just some facts. It’s lots of stuff, so bear with me.

This first item, is about my job. I didn’t want to put this news in here, because it will become public eventually (perhaps in December?). Like, I’d say, many of you already know, me and my work colleagues get evaluated twice a year by someone who out ranks us. This year I got two good news! 🙂

  • got EXCEPTIONAL on my evaluation
  • I am going to be promoted in January (IIRC) to Project Manager

Though I was already wondering that my promotion was due, I wasn’t really expecting that grade on my evaluation, because I think I would’ve deserved it much more on the previous evaluation, but no harm, no foul! Of course now I am proud of this achievement, and want everyone to call me André Ventura EXCEPTIONAL Lemos, but I don’t think that will work. I am also really very glad that on “technical skillz” I got EXCEPTIONAL, with a remark saying that this is my strongest point! *YAY*

The EXCEPTIONAL (yes… upper case all the way), means that I’m receiving a fatter bonus, and everyone at Critical will know that I got this grade.

The promotion, well… It means a salary increase and a very nice word for my curriculum vitae.

Oh… I also got my new cell phone from work. I chose a Nokia E50, that I am loving so far! PHONE LIKE FORM FACTOR (how unusual these days), very small, very light, Symbian OS, really huge battery life, so I’m happy). I know that E51 is out, but I don’t care.

See how thin it is (no, it’s not my hand):


So… More news.. Let’s see….

Today I have bought the whole Zero 7 discography. I was at FNAC just browsing along when I noticed the The Garden album that looks real pretty! And I’ve thought to myself, well, I already have this album, I’ve downloaded it from the Internet, but I like Zero 7 so much, that I should really support them! So I went and bought their 3 albums:

I honestly think they deserve my money because I love all of their albums, and I’ll be doing this for other artists (not the whole discography of course), like Charlotte Gainsbourg (I have already bought 5:55, but it was a gift for my Auntie T), Natalie Walker, etc.

I also advise you to buy the DVD set Völkerball by Rammstein. I think I’ll get it myself. It has all the songs I love from Rammstein, on a live concert.

While at FNAC, I’ve decided to also buy some new headphones, because I honestly think that the ones that come with the iPod just don’t cut it! Since I already knew which ones to buy, I went straight for the kill, and bought me these Sennheiser CX 300 headphones:


I already knew what to buy, because I have read so many good stuff about them in so many places, specially because of their ear-canal design (that’s why they look funny).

What are in-ear-canal headphones? Unlike standard headphones, which use relatively large drivers (speakers) and fit on top of or around your ears, or earbuds, which use fairly small drivers and sit loosely in your outer ears, in-ear-canal headphones use very small drivers and actually fit inside your ear canals (thus the name canalphones). In fact, using either rubber eartips in various sizes, or foam eartips that expand to fit any size ear canal, canalphones are designed to seal your ear canals closed, blocking external noise—much like a pair of earplugs. In fact, many canalphones look and fit just like earplugs.

Taken from playlistmag.com

Couldn’t have described them better. You can see on the above photo 4 more rubber pieces. Those are used the replace the ones already on the headphone’s tips so they can fit comfortably inside your ear-canal.


  • really great sound quality
  • music doesn’t have to be so loud
  • very comfortable, and won’t fall off easily


  • since all the outside is so isolated, you can even hear anything rubbing on the headphones cable if you’re concentrated
  • you feel like your ear is being anal probed when you put them (though after it’s really comfortable)
  • I might fall asleep with them because I can lie in bed with my cheek on the pillow without them hurting me (thanks DAD for the DNA)

You can see things this way: Regular headphones are like a person shouting to you from a distance, while in-ear-canal headphones are like a person whispering to you in your ear. Well… Sort of…

So after I got home with my new headphones, and three new albums, I’ve decided to rip them so I could store them with a much better quality, and so I could listen to them on my iPod.

Better quality… So what do I mean by that? Should I rip the albums with a lossless format? Nah.. That would be just a bit too much, and then I wouldn’t be able to hear the musics on the iPod, so I’ve ripped them using LAME with a VBR and Joint Stereo.

What does that mean? Well… If you’re not in the mood to follow the links and read up, I’ll try to explain this real simple.

VBR: Your MP3 has a bit rate (128 kbps, 190 kbps, etc…), which define the quality of the sound, and of course, the space it will occupy on your hard drive. With VBR, instead of having ONE bit rate for an entire track, you’ll have a variable bit rate throughout the track, depending on weather the sound being played benefits from it, or not. So better, will sound better, and worst won’t try to sound like it is better. Got it? *shrug* The process is really cool. While LAME rips the track, you can see a bar chart showing you what’s the rate being used on that particular frame of the track, so it was really cool to watch the ripping process of Radio-Activity by Kraftwerk. I really felt geeky! Long story short, I had some frames going all the way to 320 kbps (crazy sound quality, I don’t think a human can tell a difference that high), and 32 kbps (prolly during sound gaps).

Joint Stereo: When your LEFT channel and RIGHT channel have exactly the same sound, they get mixed together, so that the same sound can be reproduced with less information (and less space).


So after doing that, I started ripping all of my CDs collection using the same standard (The Fat of The Land by The Prodigy is being ripped as we speak).

OH OH OH OH And FYI, She Wants Revenge have a new album called This Is Forever! OH OH OH OH And FYI, Goldfrapp are going to release a new album on the 25th of February called Seventh Tree.

So… What else can I talk to you about… (you got THIS far? If you have, put a comment below, because else I won’t believe you :P).

School is doing fine, but if I fail my exams, I’ll just run away and start a new life in Holland or Mozambique, or whatever. Useless crap. I learn more in 5 minutes at work, than in 24 hours of school. *SIGH*

Oh… And went to the gymnasium today, and rowed for 2 Km with a difficulty level of 8 (the maximum is 10, and to simulate a rowing boat, it would be a 2/3), biked for 15 minutes (about 5Km IIRC), and did some push ups on the machines, as well as some abs work.

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It starts in my belly

Then up to my heart
Into my mouth I can’t keep it shut
Do you recognize the smell

GoldfrappLovely Head

Hey there,

First, and foremost: fuck fuck fuck

I haven’t posted recently, because I have been busy studying, only to find out today (the test was supposed to be tomorrow), that this test had all the stuff that we learned, PLUS, the stuff that we ARE GOING TO learn, so… Yeah….

I asked for 2 vacation days at work so I could study for this test (besides the 2 days that we’re already entitled to), only to find out that I am not going to do this test. Well… But not all is lost, I’ve caught up with the subjects, so it’s ok, though today I’ve had an awful day. So you can have an idea, I had lunch at 11:20 at home, so I could go right away to the school’s library to study. *shrug*

Anyways…. Critical really is turning into GooglePlex! Now they are going to provide a mini-bus to take workers from down town Coimbra to the headquarters! Freakin’ awesome I’d say! I wish I could use that, but I live a bit far from the pick up points.

So yeah.. Kind of tired, and I WANT to get up early tomorrow morning, so I’m going to take a shower (yes… I am one of those that take showers at night, as opposed to in the morning), perhaps hear some songs in bed, and go to sleep.

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What's your one purpose in life?

to explode, of course

AntiloopPurpose in Life

I was waiting for about 4 months for some advice on where to invest, since the advice never came, I’ve invested 2000€ on the stock market (as of tomorrow, I am an investor!). Let’s wait and see 🙂

School is starting to get busyyyyy. Though I have already corrected one teacher on a class forum. Still no reply from him though. *shrug*

Yesterday, it was CONTACT LENSES day! Well… Remember the film A Clockwork Orange? That’s pretty much what happened…


She had to pin me down against a wall to get the contact lenses in! lol! I actually asked if she knew this film, but she didn’t. I thought of offering her a copy of this film, but I think that would be too far fetched.

After she got the lenses in, I went for a walk, came back, tried to take one out all by myself, couldn’t do it, she had to do it. Tried to put one alone, and after much trying, I did! w00t!

At home, at night, I had to remove both of the contact lenses, and I DID IT! It’s actually pretty easy to remove them.


c ya 🙂

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So… It’s 1:02, and I’ve been up since 7:30.

This was a hectic last week indeed.

Started classes again, so I have a slightly different schedule. Most of the days for me now are like this:

  • Wake up at 7:30
  • Arrive at Critical at 8:20
  • Have lunch at Critical’s premises at 12:30
  • Leave at 17:00
  • Have classes until 23:30
  • Sleep listening to music at 00:30

Anyways… Bought an FM transmitter for the iPod, the sound quality wasn’t all that good, returned it.

The iPod is really nice. I am currently with it on my lap, listening to Pj Harvey – No Girl So Sweet, so yeah… I take it everywhere with me.

Got some photos developed from my Yashica GTN, so now I’ll try to post some photos from that batch (one per post), so here’s the first:


Just did a quick scan with vuescan and dumped a DNG file with about 26.7MB, and so there you have it. It is crazy difficult to have burned highlights, or to lose details on the shadows, so YAY film. That’s my auntie T on the photo, btw. Oh. And the film was an Ilford 400.

Tomorrow (today) I will be meeting with Tiago in my place at about 9:30 so we can study a bit. After that, we will have lunch and then head out for the gym. I can take someone else with me, so it’s all good. It’s much better doing it with someone else than alone. The good news, is that it is starting to show. I’m getting some more abs *nod* 🙂

Tomorrow (today) I should also pick up my new eye glasses and contact lenses. We’ll see how that goes…

And on Sunday, perhaps I’ll go to OPorto. We’ll see…

Oh… And congrats to Marisa Duque for her Daily Deviation.

So that’s it for me. Tired, sleepy and honestly kind of depressed. *shrug*

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Very long day

I am having a really very long day (I started working this yesterday, but got tired and left this open).

Woke up at 7:30, went to see the doctor (it was hell to get the car parked), waited like 2 hours for the doctor, mom complained, doctor had an urgency patient, mom got in, I got in to see the doctor (it was a she).

My height is 1.71m and my weight is 62Kg (she told me I was elegant, cool), and my blood pressure was 140/85. 140 is a bit high, so I’m scheduled to do a whole bunch of exams.

The good doctor then told me to lay down, and started to feel me. She asked if she could unbutton my pants so she could feel me better. uhm… ok. I have this funny place on my lower tummy, and if you touch it, I twist like hell. I think she almost did.

End of the consult, I didn’t have my social security number. Need to get back.

Came back to the car, had a parking ticket by the city’s police. It has the transgression, when it happened, where it happened, and a description of my car. And then it also asks that I fill in some information about me, and turn that in on the police’s headquarters, so I know what happens next. Are you freakin’ kidding me? I’m not paying for it. Some kid stole it from the wind shield, I don’t care. I’m not feeling out a form to get billed. You should have just locked my car, then I would have paid.

Went home, remembered that while waiting for the doctor, I thought I should pamper myself with a new ipod 80Gb. Went to FNAC’s website, it showed that they had limited availability, so I called. Apparently they have 0 in stock, because they haven’t arrived to Portugal. Crap. (actually now it shows it is available in some stores, so I will probably call).

Took a bath, shaved, had lunch. Thought…. Since I am taking care of me (doctor et al), I might as well take care of my eyes too.

Took my social security number to the doctor, got that figured out.

After that I went into an eyeglasses store.

– How can I help you?

– I have these eyeglasses, but haven’t been using them for a very long time, and I want to go back.

– Ok, wait a minute.

Did some exams, turns  out I now not only have astigmatism as before, but I also have myopia.

– Can you make out other people’s faces at a distance?

– Not really.

Crap. So… In 5 days we will have your new eyeglasses ready, and some contact lenses for you to try on as well. Now let’s try some frames. Ohh…. Those look good on you, let’s try this other one.

*bends over and shows cleavage while putting/removing glasses* x10

Now let’s see if you have a symmetrical face (no one does), and now let me see where your eyeballs are by using a pen marker on the glass of the eyeglasses you’re wearing.

– Oh… I am sorry. My head shivers a lot when you are about to touch the lenses with the pen.

– It’s ok, you’re probably too sensitive when getting close.

So that was awkward. We will call you when everything is ready. Ok. Thank you.

Went to the gymnasium, ran, biked, did some push-ups that worked my legs, my torso, chest and biceps.  Went back home, arranged with Tiago so that he’d meet me at my place, so we’d go to college together.

Got to college, had a 1 hour class, had dinner (really, really crappy fish), had to wait 1 hour before the next class at 21:30. Did some optimization problems (the teacher is really ELECTRIC) for 2 hours. End of the day, got home, arrived at 23:40.

Started writing this blog entry, got tired, went to bed. And that was it.

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