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KDE4 Vs. Windows 7

So.. I just saw the interview with Linus Torvalds  where he states he has ditched KDE in favour of Gnome, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.


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Windows 7. β-version

Ora bem,

hoje vou fazer um post reduzido – sim, pela primeira vez. Como dá para perceber pelo título, vou falar de algo relativamente ao último Windows e  a sua versão beta. Não sei se os gaijos do Windows são perspicazes ou têm falta de originalidade… Apesar de ser uma “mal-dizenta” do Win., a verdade é que uso este SO. No entanto, tenho o Kubuntu para me ir salvando.

Em conversa com o menino André, acabei por contar-lhe um facto que ele desconhecia. (YAY!!! 😀 ) Sugeriu-me substituir o Win Vista pela Versão beta do Win 7, e no final da instalação comentei o wallpaper com ele… Aparentemente, o meu menino desconhecia as raízes ou o porquê do wallpaper que este windows tem – por “defeito”. Assim, sugeriu-me criar um post sobre o facto que se segue.

Antes de inciar, gostava de saber qual a percentagem de utilizadores da versão beta do Win. 7 que sabe o “PORQUÊ?” da escolha do wallpaper inicial, quando terminamos a instalação. Mas pronto… o INE ainda não fornece este tipo de dados. Read more…

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Google Chrome – Google's new browser

Download it NOW! It’s freakin awsome!

It’s only available for Windows for now, but they are working on a Linux and Mac OS/X version.


You can read a webcomic about it, or see its features.

It’s very, VERY fast, light and very very simple.

And now, of course, some screenshots:

ImageShack ImageShack


one thing that I found very cool, and that it should be pretty obvious, is how they sandbox each tab so that a single webpage does not bring the whole browser down. There’s even a task manager for you to monitor WTH is happening 🙂


and of course, lots of other stuff, and some cute, non intrusive animations.


give it a go. really. I am sold.

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How big is your ego?

2008-05-07  Tambet Ingo  <tambet@gmail.com>

Patch from André Lemos.

* libnm-glib/nm-dbus-settings.c (fetch_connections_done): Fix a memory

this is part of Network Manager, so in a near future around 98% of Linux desktop users will benefit from this 🙂

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Recommended music – 17/Sept/2007

Cansei de Ser SexyOff The Hook

Natalie WalkerQuicksand

Charlotte GainsbourgBeauty Mark

Groove ArmadaSong 4 Mutya (Out of Control)

Maria RitaA Festa

Foo FightersDOA

MicatoneShake it Baby

Zero 7In The Waiting Line

Jamie Cullum  – 21st Century Kid

AirHighschool Lover

On a totally unrelated matter, there is a program that records streams from last.fm

Have fun ^^

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Good News Everyone

Remember the Chat application?

Me and 2 friends of mine submitted this project as an iTi (Ideas to Income), which is an initiative of the company where I work for, where you submit ideas you have, so that the company can help you out with them (with resources, support, whatever…).

The idea got approved (freakin’ awesome), and so now, we have 48 hours (6 days) to achieve our goals for version 0.2, to use them when we think it’s best (obviously the company’s projects have a much higher priority).

The other good news, is that another colleague of mine, lent me his Mac, so I could compile the code over there (QT takes a lot of time compiling on a macBook), and although it couldn’t find a library (QtTest), I was able to replace it with something else (I was already thinking of making the move, so more power to me).

I’ve also moved the code from using Broadcast to use Multicast that basically should help us send some broadcasts pass some routers into other networks by using IGMP. Though it’s working great in Mac and Linux, I think Windows might still have a small bug.



(as I inserted this image, I opened a private chat with the mac computer (I’m on the Windows one), and the Mac laptop said: “Excuse me, but I need your attention”. COOL! I suppose alert() is doing it’s job :-))

and yes…. The screenshot is showing the color pick dialog (as always), and you can also notice a new button next to the color picker one (that is still under development, that’s why it doesn’t have an icon yet).


This one depicts the application running on a Linux environment (I had only shown before Windows), with a tab open with a private message from alemos, and of course… with the color dialog open, ONCE AGAIN.


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Chat R Us

As some of you know I’ve been doing some coding in C++ using the QT toolkit in my free time.

At the moment, it has the following functionality (both in Windows and Linux, using the same code):

  • basic chat capabilities (using UDP multicast for discovery and TCP for the actual conversations, so no server is needed)
  • save a log of the conversations
  • print the log of the conversations
  • warn if the TCP/UDP ports are already being used
  • remove disconnected users on timeout (both TCP and UDP timeout)
  • change tray icon on special events
  • hide window when the user presses the X button (show a balloon warning them, much like MSN)
  • context menu on the tray icon
  • basic translation mechanism (easy to translate the whole app, without changing the code)
  • private chat between users (besides a common room where anyone can talk)
  • URLs open on the system designated browser
  • settings are kept between sessions (currently our own font color, and if the balloon got clicked so that it doesn’t show again)

This should also work under Mac OS X (I need to get a Mac to compile the code on).

The following screenshot, depicts the first time a user using Windows was able to communicate with a user using Linux:


and this next one, shows how configurations are being saved between sessions on the Windows registry (they are saved under the user homedir in Linux), and you can also notice a small difference on the buttons design.

The color dialog on both screenshots change the font color you type your text with (it isn’t always showing of course, but somehow I always take my screenshots with it open *shrug*).


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