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Habemos ampliador! (revisited)

Hi gang!

Since my birthday is [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”Sun, 01 Mar 2009 00:00:00 +000″], I’ve decided to take a few days off.

What better way to spend the morning of a lazy ass day, than to set up the enlarger I’ve bought recently? 🙂

My really issue was to get a table on my attic so I could put the enlarger, and other enlarging related stuff. There was this table, but it was too small. Luckily, when I got there, I’ve found a door, that would do just fine!
ImageShack ImageShack

pretty neat! I even got the bonus of having a tap! Now, I only need the following items to start enlarging (let me remind you that my birthday is [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”Sun, 01 Mar 2009 00:00:00 +000″]):

and I am set to GO!

you can buy all of these at fnac.pt, colorfoto.pt or ebay! And yes, these are all very cheap items! (fnac for instance sells every single item on that list, I just couldn’t find them all on their website, same probably goes for colorfoto)

So don’t be coy, and bring your friend some joy! (what?!)

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2 aninhos…

“First things, first…”
Ora, no último dia 29 de Janeiro, eu e o Andrézito comemorámos os nossos 2 aninhos de aturar um ao outro. Anitos complicados mas totalmente recompensadores (na minha modesta opinião 😛 ). Como o menino gosta muito de fazer surpresas, decidiu perguntar-me na noite de 28 de Jan. se podia vir cá passar a noite – a Lisboa. Pois bem, portas abertas para o meu morzão entrar. Uma vez que já estávamos perto da hora, decidimos fazer uma pequena reuniãozinha no meu quarto com as prendas que iamos trocar. SIM, prendaS no plural porque nós não fazemos a coisa por menos. Da parte dele recebi: Read more…

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Who knew?

Marisa is a great photographer 🙂



Me and Marisa have been together for two years now (it was our birthday on the 29th of the present month), and so she decided to give me something special. I think it is a personal record actually 🙂


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Aniversário… [parte III]

O meu aniversário de 2008 – 22 anos

[Dia 26 de Setembro – 00:01am]:

Recebo um telefonema do André a dar-me os parabéns, quis ser e foi o primeiro 😉 Já tínhamos combinado que ele viria a Lisboa assim que saísse da CSW ao final da tarde para o jantar que ia haver em minha casa. Portanto, eu só tinha que dormir muito bem para acordar às 6:30 e preparar-me para mais um dia de estágio. Dados os parabéns e ditas coisinhas bonitas que uma menina como eu merece ouvir no dia do seu aniversário, voltei a adormecer.

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Birthday Aftermath

So, today is the 2nd of March, and yesterday, as you should’ve known, was my birthday 😛
These people remembered:

  • Marisa Duque – Phone Call + Wonderful Day (more on that below)
  • xtn – MSN + Spanish happy birthday weird video lol
  • Mom – In Real Life
  • Tita Margarido – SMS
  • Auntie T – Phone Call
  • Edgar – SMS
  • Nuno Costa – SMS
  • Pai – Grumpy SMS
  • ImperfectDelilah – SMS
  • Jpp – MSN (half an hour late actually)
  • Mapha – MSN (one hour late actually)

Everyone else is, obviously, on my blacklist.

Yesterday (1st of March) I had my alarm clock set to 7:30, so I could be with Marisa at 10 o’clock in her house in Lisbon.

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Zeh birthday is near!

So…. My birthday is near (you can see the countdown timer on the left), and since my previous post about “Xmas presents!” has only got me FNAC vouchers, I’ve decided to give you another list to help you out with my birthday, though the Xmas list is still valid.

I’d also like to point out that there is a poll going on (also on your left) asking for suggestions on where to be on my birthday. If you select “somewhere else”, please say where under this post. Oh… And you can select up to TWO options.

Besides the ones on the Xmas presents post, I’d also like to add:

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