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Photo?… [parte V]

E pronto, para terminar bem esta série de posts actualizadores da minha enfadonha vidinha… resta-me escrever sobre o meu mais recente empenho. Read more…

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Marisa on flickr!

This one is the love of my life!, originally uploaded by Marissá.

Marisa now has an account on flickr, where she posts some cool shots, like the one above (OBVIOUSLY!).

Be sure to pay her a visit!

And yes. I had to post this with a cool photo of me (IMVHO). 😉

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Marisa by the river

Marisa by the river, originally uploaded by a_lemos.

Has to be my favourite photo from my last roll 🙂

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Film still kicking

Still some frames missing from the full roll, but it does look nice. Exposure is for the selected photo, that’s why others may look dark, or too bright.


Film is Ilford FP4 Plus 125, developed with X-Tol stock for 8 minutes + 5 minutes Ilford fixing.



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Life from MMS

I haven’t been updating this, but I have been taking some MMS to send to my sweetheart Marisa throughout the day, so I thought, why not share. It’s crapy, boring, but it’s a post! Do not have fun with this.


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flickr updates

Gare do Oriente, originally uploaded by a_lemos.

Just uploaded some new photos to my flickr account, so drop by 🙂

I like this one in particular, because you’d expect to see lots of movement in a set like this. But no one is to be seen, and the film/lens combo really shine here.

I have also enjoyed this one a lot:

Marisa @ Pizza Hut :D
Marisa @ Pizza Hut, originally uploaded by a_lemos.

I really captured the look “what the hell am I going to eat”? 🙂

Great model btw

Ps.: Milupa is over 🙁

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New coat

Hi gang,

Some news on the photographic camp material:

  • got a huey pro to calibrate my monitors. Works in Windows, Mac, Linux, so it’s a perfect fit. And it also does ambient readings during a certain interval, which is very cool.
  • wanted to plug my CRT to a second graphics card, so I could see my images on both the TFT and the CRT at the same time. To my surprise, I found out my graphics card already had 2 DVI links. cool.
  • got a half case for my Zeiss Ikon ZM hand made in Italy, with the best Italian leather.

So now I have 2 monitors (one TFT and one CRT), both constantly monitored by the huey pro colour calibration device.

Some crappy photos of my ZM’s outfit (shot them at 23:00 with my mom’s point and shoot, so… yeah..):

ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack ImageShack

I am taking my time to rescan some negatives (cause now I have the monitors calibrated et al), it’s great therapy!

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All the content in this post took place on the 11th of the current month 🙂

I woke up in Lisbon on that day, on Marisa’s house. We woke up pretty soon, so that we could still go to my house in Coimbra, so I could dress up, and then we would head to the marriage location.

The following video was shot in my bedroom.


Yes, it has a very crappy quality, but that “video camera” was an offer (e.g. free), so… We can’t really expect much. That’s my mom and Marisa on the video, btw 😀

Now, I am going to post 31 photos from the marriage, the film used was:

  • Ilford FP4 Plus 120
  • Ilford Delta 400

both shot with a Zeiss Ikon ZM, with a 35mm f1.4 SC Nokton, developed with Xtol Stock, and scanned with an epson v700.

I must warn you, that it was my first venue with the lens/camera combo, so everything might not be perfect.

Oh, and another heads up. If you like some of the photos, let me know, so I can send you the 16 bits TIF gray versions of them. The quality is so much better, it’s haunting! In the mean time, I’ll try a better way to get them from tifs to jpegs.

I also need to calibrate my monitor. TFTs suck, and photos might be too dark.

The photos are posted after the following jump, so that the blogs’ main page does not get too crowded.

Read more…

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I am ready!

Now I can say I am ready for Nuno‘s and littleNes‘ wedding on Sunday!

Hot date: CHECK! My Marisa Duque!

Cameras: CHECK!

  • Zeiss Ikon ZM with a Nokton 35 f1.4
  • Yashica GTN with a Yashinon 40 f1.7

Film: CHECK!

  • Ilford Delta 400
  • Ilford FP4 Plus 125
  • Fujicolor 100 (to waste before the wedding to make sure everything is working properly)

Don’t know if I will load each camera with it’s own film, or use only the Zeiss, and load Yashica with something else, and perhaps convince Marisa to take some shots 🙂

And now for the pics for the GAS attack MUAHAHAH

ImageShack ImageShack

Oh, btw, the lens on the Zeiss is the nokton 35mm f1.4. You know why rangefinder rocks? It weights 200 grams, and has a length of 28,5mm.

A canon ef 35mm f1.4 weights 580 grams has a length of 86mm.

How much more stealth can you be? 😉

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There are some photos…


that are a special miss. Shot with the Yashica, scanned with the V700.

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