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Tough to be a photographer

Boy oh boy, it’s tough to be a photographer!

Shot by Marisa with her Ricoh 500G on Ilford 400 in Montemor-o-Velho.

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New photos on flickr

New photos on my flickr with Marisa, and some other photos ūüôā



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Habemos ampliador! (revisited)

Hi gang!

Since my birthday is [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”Sun, 01 Mar 2009 00:00:00 +000″], I’ve decided to take a few days off.

What better way to spend the morning of a lazy ass day, than to set up the enlarger I’ve bought recently? ūüôā

My really issue was to get a table on my attic so I could put the enlarger, and other enlarging related stuff. There was this table, but it was too small. Luckily, when I got there, I’ve found a door, that would do just fine!
ImageShack ImageShack

pretty neat! I even got the bonus of having a tap! Now, I only need the following items to start enlarging (let me remind you that my birthday is [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”Sun, 01 Mar 2009 00:00:00 +000″]):

and I am set to GO!

you can buy all of these at fnac.pt, colorfoto.pt or ebay! And yes, these are all very cheap items! (fnac for instance sells every single item on that list, I just couldn’t find them all on their website, same probably goes for colorfoto)

So don’t be coy, and bring your friend some joy! (what?!)

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Ora bem…

J√° passou algum tempo desde o √ļltimo post, mas √© melhor ter qualidade do que paleio que nada interessa…

O Dia de S√£o Valentim, foi um dia que come√ßou com o funeral do pai da m√£e do meu Andr√©zito.¬†Suposi√ß√Ķes √† parte, o funeral foi em Coimbra¬†logo¬†cedinho pela manh√£ e¬†apesar¬†da atmosfera¬†de quietude e respeito pelo ritual… n√£o¬†foi algo que me desanimasse para o resto do dia – talvez porque eu e o Andr√© n√£o¬†conheciamos o senhor.¬†¬†Assim foi, apanhei o comboio e √†s 9 e meia j√° estava em Coimbra. (O cemit√©rio √© antigo e¬†muito bonito, com factos interessantes).

Depois… fomos at√© √†¬†sua casa, onde¬†fizemos a habitual troca de prendas.¬† De mim para ele: uma amorosa caneca com um saquinho de gomas heart-shaped no interior¬†E um kit muito especial com um jogo para meninos crescidos… e mais n√£o acrescento. Dele para mim: *tambores a rufar* Read more…

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Habemos ampliador!

yay! chegou o meu ampliador! Unboxing photos seguem-se (crappy digi-flash photos, watcher, beware):

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2 aninhos…

“First things, first…”
Ora, no √ļltimo dia 29 de Janeiro, eu e o Andr√©zito comemor√°mos os nossos 2 aninhos de aturar um ao outro. Anitos complicados mas totalmente recompensadores (na minha modesta opini√£o ūüėõ ). Como o menino gosta muito de fazer surpresas, decidiu perguntar-me na noite de 28 de Jan. se podia vir c√° passar a noite – a Lisboa. Pois bem, portas abertas para o meu morz√£o entrar. Uma vez que j√° est√°vamos perto da hora, decidimos fazer uma pequena reuni√£ozinha no meu quarto com as prendas que iamos trocar. SIM, prendaS no plural porque n√≥s n√£o fazemos a coisa por menos. Da parte dele recebi: Read more…

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Who knew?

Marisa is a great photographer ūüôā



Me and Marisa have been together for two years now (it was our birthday on the 29th of the present month), and so she decided to give me something special. I think it is a personal record actually ūüôā


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Blog changes

Hi gang,


I have just added a link to the top of the page (where am I), which should show up my location (or at least, where my Blackberry thinks I am). I am still figuring out the frequency I will use to update those values, because that means the mobile phone turning up the GPS, and sending the values through zeh Interwebs, which, of course, costs battery.


Also, I would like your help in deciding which gallery system I should keep. The new one, actually fetches the photos from flickr, so it’s more practical for me, as I don’t have to update both the galleries (the andrelemos.com and flickr.com one).

[poll id=”3″]

Ps.: try not to judge the galleries based on their contents, but rather on the layout/functionality!

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Photo History

Well… My own…

During a debate on an internal mailing list on the company where I work, we started discussing the pros and cons of digital against analogic photography. Of course, I couldn’t stand still, so, along the day, I ended up writting a really big e-mail (in Portuguese, sorry folks), with the path I have done, photography wise.

You’ll probably find some rants along the way, so be sure to wear your protection hat.

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New photos

I have been uploading lots of photos to my flickr account lately, so be sure to check them out, after the break ūüôā

These photos are ordered from oldest upload, to most recent (on flickr). On the newest ones, I have been using SilverFast Ai Studio, and it really kicks ass! All these photos are scanned from negatives.

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