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First iMovie projects

Just did my first iMovie projects. It seems easy enough to do some simple things. There are some really awesome project themes, but I don’t have enough clips to make something decent as of now. Anyway, it should be enough for me, without diving into Final Cut Pro.

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Recommended stuff (music and films)

Well, it has been a long time since I haven’t recommended a few tunes (and now with filmes too!!)  for your week, so here we go:


  • The Cloud RoomBeautiful Mess
    • I have to say, The Cloud Room really took me by surprise. This music in particular has such a nice beat to it, and such an uplifting rhythm (lyric+music). It’s a really great song to get your spirit up! Be sure to check out the rest of the album, it’s well worth it.

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Pebolim vs. Pimbolim (e adiante…)

Bom, após uma entrada brilhante para introdução da minha mui digníssima persona estou de volta com mais um post que promete entediar, surpreender e desconsolar.

Como o título evidencia… achei necessário ir às origens do chamado “pimbolim” pelos nossos compatriotas, e no meu trajecto deparei-me com um breve esclarecimento: a forma correcta (ainda que em PortuguêsBR) é “Pebolim” e mais comum é “Pimbolim”. Pouco pertinente mas levou-me a aprofundar o assunto sobre o jogo, que leva os incansáveis trabalhadores a deixarem as suas laboriosas tarefas, para se dedicarem aos matraquilhos (PortuguêsPT) ou “matrecos” ou “pimbolim” – como virou moda, desde o anúncio da CGD com oFelipão“.

de www.contaoutra.com.br

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Freakishly disturbing

YouTube Preview Image

found that through last.fm btw.

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Birthday Aftermath

So, today is the 2nd of March, and yesterday, as you should’ve known, was my birthday 😛
These people remembered:

  • Marisa Duque – Phone Call + Wonderful Day (more on that below)
  • xtn – MSN + Spanish happy birthday weird video lol
  • Mom – In Real Life
  • Tita Margarido – SMS
  • Auntie T – Phone Call
  • Edgar – SMS
  • Nuno Costa – SMS
  • Pai – Grumpy SMS
  • ImperfectDelilah – SMS
  • Jpp – MSN (half an hour late actually)
  • Mapha – MSN (one hour late actually)

Everyone else is, obviously, on my blacklist.

Yesterday (1st of March) I had my alarm clock set to 7:30, so I could be with Marisa at 10 o’clock in her house in Lisbon.

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Built to be Strong

The base structure of the camera is a one-piece aluminum die cast part. The focal plane shutter and lens bayonet are both attached to the stable structure as well as the solid die cast camera front plate.



So yes… I have bought a Zeiss Ikon ZM rangefinder, that should be arriving tomorrow or so. You can read the sentences I have been publishing on a Zeiss brochure.

All of these phrases have had a hidden meaning to them, I doubt any of you caught it. Anyways, the idea was to keep this a mystery till I actually got the camera, and then shoot me and the camera on a pose similar to Mr. José Cid. Something along these lines:

josé cid

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Goldfrapp Artwork and Single

The cover for the new Goldfrapp’s album (coming out on the 25th of February) has been released:

Track list:

  1. Clowns
  2. Little Bird
  3. Happiness
  4. Road To Somewhere
  5. Eat Yourself
  6. Some People
  7. A&E
  8. Cologne Cerrone Houdini
  9. Caravan Girl
  10. Monster Love

The single A&E has already been released, and you can hear it on their myspace page. I will let you be the judge of that.

They have also released two Christmas (I am SOOOOO late, I know), and they obviously, and gladly don’t take themselves too seriously:

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Xmas presents!

I know I know…. You have been struggling to find the audio CDs/DVDs I’d like to get for Christmas, so here are the links:

Wojciech Kilar / J. Olejniczak – BSO Pianist, The (9,95€)

Maria João Pires – Beethoven – Moonlight (18,90€)

Rammstein – Völkerball (29,95€) DVD

Junior Boys – So This is Goodbye (16,95€)

Natalie Walker – Urban Angel (17,90€)

Charlotte Gainsbourg – 5:55 (19,90€)

Télépopmusik – Angel Milk (16,90€)

Ladytron – Light & Magic (19,60€)

Goldfrapp – Supernature (9,95€) or Goldfrapp – Supernature (limited edition) (21,95€)

They are in the order I’d like to receive them. Most wanted on the top.

Thank you, come again 😀

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Recommended music – 19/Nov/2007

meh… So excited about the photos that I forgot about the recommended music for this week 😛

MotörheadAce of Spades

Ennio MorriconeA Silhoutte of Doom

Beastie BoysIntergalactic


HooverphonicPink Fluffy Dinosaurs

HoobastankDon’t Tell Me

Devendra BanhartChinese Children

Rage Against the MachineDegeneration X

She Wants RevengeMonologue

Junior BoysThe Equalizer

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You could be taking it easy on yourself

You should be making it easy on yourself
Cause you and I know,
It’s all over the front page, you give me road rage


Look what I found while I was cleaning up my room:


Apparently I demonstrated I had qualities to become a potential military parachutist! At the age of 5! lol 🙂

Since I have now been ripping my CD collection so that I can carry them on my iPod, I took the time to also check my mom’s CDs, AND LO AND BEHOLD! I’ve found Madredeus album Electronico that has remixes from really cool bands, such as Télépopmusik! They get to remix one of the hits from Madredeus, Oxalá! w00t!

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