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Recommended stuff (music and films)

Well, it has been a long time since I haven’t recommended a few tunes (and now with filmes too!!)  for your week, so here we go:


  • The Cloud RoomBeautiful Mess
    • I have to say, The Cloud Room really took me by surprise. This music in particular has such a nice beat to it, and such an uplifting rhythm (lyric+music). It’s a really great song to get your spirit up! Be sure to check out the rest of the album, it’s well worth it.

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Jigsaw falls

I know at least _SOME_ of you are scared shit of the jigsaw from the movie Saw (I, II, III, IV), so here’s a little something something to help you cope with the movies 🙂YouTube Preview Image

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I am

in a World of shit 🙁YouTube Preview Image 

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How many words

Will fail me in my negligence
To arrest, oh yes
This crazy part of me?

JamiroquaiHot Tequila Brown

THIS ENTRY IS VIDEO INTENSIVE (movies by Stanley Kubrick), SO TO WATCH THE WHOLE ENTRY HIT “Continue Reading”

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Tunel do Marques!

Today I had the pleasure to go through the Marquês tunnel!

Thanks go to Elsa for making the recording of this video possible 🙂


Ps.: no one has commented on my previous post about my gallery changes, which is kind of sad 🙁

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Before Sunset

Though I haven’t seen the movie from the beginning (I think I only saw half of it), I really enjoyed it, and I recommend everyone to see it. 🙂

I specially enjoyed the long stroll Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy took around Paris. I also liked a lot when she sang a little waltz, as she puts it.

imdb link with more information
imdb link for some cool trivia


I’ve just realized that there’s much more to this movie then I previously thought. Apparently this is a sequel for Before Sunrise, a film shot 9 years before this one.

I don’t want to spoil you the movie, so I’ll just put a quote from the Before Sunset movie plot:

Jesse, a writer from the US, and Celine, a Frenchwoman working for an environment protection organization, acquainted nine years ago on the train from Budapest to Vienna, meet again when Jesse arrives in Paris for a reading of his new book.

Got the hint?


You can also see below some clips from youtube:

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