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Tough to be a photographer

Boy oh boy, it’s tough to be a photographer!

Shot by Marisa with her Ricoh 500G on Ilford 400 in Montemor-o-Velho.

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First macro test

Me and Marisa are more and more happy about the Sanyo VPC HD2000. Below you’ll find a video I shot this morning just to check its macro capabilities, which apparently aren’t that bad.

Going through the motions with this camera has made me realize that I haven’t had the time lately to enjoy the fine photographic equipment I have, mainly the enlarger, and the fine lenses for the Zeiss. I can only wish I get the time and opportunity to enjoy all of this, as well as this video camera.

The holidays season is approaching at a fast pace, so I can only hope I get to enjoy my hobbies to the fullest with Marisa.

On other news, some professional changes may happen during this next week. We’ll see. I promise I’ll try to keep you posted.

Listening to: The Sounds – Tony the Beat

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New video camera

Just got me and Marisa a new video camera. A Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000 for me and Marisa to record our adventures so we can later show our children 🙂

Three first videos after the jump. Crappy, but ya know… it’s the first 3. Need to use it more, just as Marisa. You can turn on HD if you’d like.

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New photos on flickr

New photos on my flickr with Marisa, and some other photos 🙂



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Skiing before I die.


I guess I can chalk off skiing from my TODO list before I die.

well… Not that I have one, or intend to die soon, but you get the picture!

two of my collegues invited me to go skiing to Vodafone Ski Resort:

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Who knew?

Marisa is a great photographer 🙂



Me and Marisa have been together for two years now (it was our birthday on the 29th of the present month), and so she decided to give me something special. I think it is a personal record actually 🙂


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Passeio a Évora

Um belo passeio a Évora, numa manhã fria – mas com sol –  de Inverno. E de comboio, a nossa modesta contribuição para a preservação da camada de ozono. E ainda por cima relaxante,  contraponto ao stress de todos os dias.

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Recommended stuff (music and films)

Well, it has been a long time since I haven’t recommended a few tunes (and now with filmes too!!)  for your week, so here we go:


  • The Cloud RoomBeautiful Mess
    • I have to say, The Cloud Room really took me by surprise. This music in particular has such a nice beat to it, and such an uplifting rhythm (lyric+music). It’s a really great song to get your spirit up! Be sure to check out the rest of the album, it’s well worth it.

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New photos

I have been uploading lots of photos to my flickr account lately, so be sure to check them out, after the break 🙂

These photos are ordered from oldest upload, to most recent (on flickr). On the newest ones, I have been using SilverFast Ai Studio, and it really kicks ass! All these photos are scanned from negatives.

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Marisa on flickr!

This one is the love of my life!, originally uploaded by Marissá.

Marisa now has an account on flickr, where she posts some cool shots, like the one above (OBVIOUSLY!).

Be sure to pay her a visit!

And yes. I had to post this with a cool photo of me (IMVHO). 😉

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