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New photos on flickr

New photos on my flickr with Marisa, and some other photos 🙂



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Blog changes

Hi gang,


I have just added a link to the top of the page (where am I), which should show up my location (or at least, where my Blackberry thinks I am). I am still figuring out the frequency I will use to update those values, because that means the mobile phone turning up the GPS, and sending the values through zeh Interwebs, which, of course, costs battery.


Also, I would like your help in deciding which gallery system I should keep. The new one, actually fetches the photos from flickr, so it’s more practical for me, as I don’t have to update both the galleries (the andrelemos.com and flickr.com one).

[poll id=”3″]

Ps.: try not to judge the galleries based on their contents, but rather on the layout/functionality!

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Photo?… [parte V]

E pronto, para terminar bem esta série de posts actualizadores da minha enfadonha vidinha… resta-me escrever sobre o meu mais recente empenho. Read more…

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Marisa on flickr!

This one is the love of my life!, originally uploaded by Marissá.

Marisa now has an account on flickr, where she posts some cool shots, like the one above (OBVIOUSLY!).

Be sure to pay her a visit!

And yes. I had to post this with a cool photo of me (IMVHO). 😉

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Marisa by the river

Marisa by the river, originally uploaded by a_lemos.

Has to be my favourite photo from my last roll 🙂

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flickr updates

Gare do Oriente, originally uploaded by a_lemos.

Just uploaded some new photos to my flickr account, so drop by 🙂

I like this one in particular, because you’d expect to see lots of movement in a set like this. But no one is to be seen, and the film/lens combo really shine here.

I have also enjoyed this one a lot:

Marisa @ Pizza Hut :D
Marisa @ Pizza Hut, originally uploaded by a_lemos.

I really captured the look “what the hell am I going to eat”? 🙂

Great model btw

Ps.: Milupa is over 🙁

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Ethereal, originally uploaded by a_lemos.

So, I now have 62 items on my flickr account! 🙂

I will now try to do new posts on the blog, always associated with a photo on flickr. According to flickr, this is my most interesting photo currently, which brings me to a news I’ve read the other day:

“Mamiya introduced the ProSD Adapter HX702”

this means, that I will be able to use IF I WANT TO, a digital back on my Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD (the machine used on this photo), which will generate digital files, instead of burned slides or negatives. Sounds interesting? Yes, maybe… But where in the world would I get the above picture on a digital sensor? 😉

Sources for this information:





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I Wanna be a Pilot II

I Wanna be a Pilot II, originally uploaded by a_lemos.

Started adding my photos to flickr.

I will try, in time, to upload most of my “postable” photos, so many photos should get in there in time.

Be prepared for some surprises 🙂

I am doing this post from flickr directly into my blog, let’s see if this works.

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