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I am now officially dead

So… It’s pretty cool to stay in Finland, since their houses are very well isolated, and so indoors you don’t feel the cold, right?


It feels like I’m inside a oven. Air Conditioning? No! It’s always cold in here. Fans? Why?!It’s always cold in here.

damn it. I’m sweating like a pig (well almost)

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Lake Bodom

Lake Bodom (Bodominjärvi in Finnish, Bodom träsk in Swedish) is a lake in Finland located on the suburbs of the city of Espoo, not far from Helsinki (60°12’34.92″N – 24°30’42.99″E). The lake measures approximately three kilometers in length and one kilometer in width.The lake is notorious for murders that occurred on the night of June 4, 1960, when four teenagers (two boys, Nils Gustafsson and Seppo Boisman and two girls, Tuulikki Mäki and Irmeli Björklund) went on a camping trip to the lake and were mysteriously attacked while sleeping in their tent. Three of them were killed and one survived. This event is commonly referred to as the Lake Bodom murders. In June, 2005 the only survivor, Nils Gustafsson, was charged with murdering his friends. On October 7, 2005 the district court found him not guilty on all the charges laid against him.The increasingly popular metal band Children of Bodom, who are also from Espoo, took their name from these murders.

got this from wikipedia.

So yeah… That’s where I went today (the GPS accounted for almost 47Km, but it was much more. You can see on Google Earth, if you load up my file, that there’s this straight line (that’s where I lost connectivity to the GPS), and of course, I didn’t do any straight lines). A great place btw 🙂

It started off just like the other days, except that I ate a good bowl of oatmeal in the morning so I had the strength for the rest of the day, and I’ve also did some coding in C++/QT/libssh (kind of a personal project).

I was told that that area in particular is really cool, with lots of lakes and trees, so I fired up Google Earth and tried to get my bearings. So…. That’s about NO from the hotel, right? And so I went.

KML file (opens with Google Earth).

You can see on the image above, the path I did, what time I took to do it, and some important places I think you should visit.

I saw, a cemetery, in the woods (really cool), because all the graves had lots and lots and lots of trees around them


, horses, a dog contest (the dogs were all like the one in the photo below, so I guess it was only a contest for this breed. One thing really funny that I saw there, was this little girl (her mom and dog were participating on the contest (well of course, it’s both of them :-P), that had lots of badges, as if she was a dog, and had won lots of categories. Really funny stuff!! This was right next to the Bodom Lake.


Also saw people having a bath on the Bodom lake, and some really cool forests (you can see from the map that I was surrounded by _green_ most of the time)! I love it when I can ride the bike on really dense forests, where you can only hear yourself (me doing lots of breathing obviously :P), and all the birds and stuff.

One thing that I have realized, and haven’t shared with you yet, is that when riding a bike, traffic really does stop for you on the crosswalks, which is surprising, and refreshing if you ask me.

When I got back to the hotel, I had to do, the now traditional, swimming thingy. The deal is, I try to swim for about 15 minutes (well… after such a long walk, you really can’t ask more from me :P) the butterfly, on a really cold swimming pool, but only using my arms (which gets you tired really fast, but develops your upper body a lot. Hey… My legs are having enough exercise as is!).

I will be in so much better shape when I get back to Portugal! You better believe it!

Random crappy shots:

img_5961.jpg img_5962.jpg img_5968.jpg img_5970.jpg img_5974.jpg

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Midnight Photo

You see? It’s crazy! It’s after midnight and there is still plenty of light! (it gets “worse” by the day!) 😀


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Perfect afternoon

Well… Warm Sound by Zero 7 is playing on the Last.fm player, the weather is sunny, I’m wearing a t-shirt, tomorrow is already Thursday, and I’m almost coming back to Portugal (if only for 3/4 days).


This is the view I have while seating in a chair, with the laptop in front of me, next to my bed.

And yes… It’s a great day to be seating in front of a computer, but trips are left for holidays/weekends.

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What am I doing?

Well… Some of you (not many), have asked what am I doing in Finland (work wise).

I am at Space Systems Finland helping them make sure that their code doesn’t crash and burn.

But… Where does their code run? I’m glad you ask.

The code will be running on two satellites.

Herschel and Planck.

herschel_a1_poster410.jpg planck_a1_poster410.jpg

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Another crazy trip (in a good sense)

Well… Just like every weekend, I decided to embark on a new adventure! 😀

What to do today? I already knew Helsinki, some of the lakes around Tapiola, Espoo, so…. I now have a bike, so I suppose I can plan bigger, longer trips! Hey! If I could walk 20Km for 5 hours, how much could I do on bike? THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER!!

So… As always, before leaving, I took a look at Google Maps, to see what I have around. And I saw there was this town up North, named Vantaa, and I thought, why not? It was only about 30Km North, and if I had done the 20Km by foot, 30Km would be piece of cake, right?

Well…. Things didn’t went exactly as planned (lol :-P)


As you can see from the map, the GPS crapped out on me (low battery), and so it didn’t report all of the first part of the trip, but I think you can already tell that I was going out of my way. WAY OFF 😀

Now, on the following map, you can see where/when I started to come back. Apparently, I had gone to Tammisto. Go figure….


What a biga messa to maka!

Luckily, as always, the trip was well worth it! Always surrounded by Nature (I even got to see squirrels again! THOSE SNEAKY BASTARDS!!!), and friendly Finnish passing by (though, here’s a piece of advice: do not expect them to say Hi or Hei or whatever when they walk by during those long walks. I don’t think it is because they are rude or anything, I just think they are so used to see people walk by, that they just don’t say anything. That’s my take on it, anyways).

The best part of the ride, was when I cycled next to a river, for a very long period of time, it really did feel awesome. I also saw lots of football (or soccer, your mileage may very ;-P) fields, and small kids practicing. I didn’t had the slightest clue that they took it so seriously, which is kind of cool.

When I started coming back, I had the wind against me! So besides being really tired, the wind was right in my face, stopping me 😐

When I arrived at the hotel, I could barely walk (HONEST! And even when I tried to walk, I noticed I had a funny walk, very likely due to all the riding. And FYI, bicycles with no gears are NO GOOD! You get really tired with them), and I thought, I’ll just go to the swimming pool and rest till the end of the day. THINK AGAIN BUSTER!!! When I got to the room, my room mate had bought food for dinner (for him of course), so I couldn’t stay behind, and got on my bike, and went to LIDL to buy stuff much cheaper then the stuff he got. MUAHAHAHA EAT THAT BASTARD! (Yes… I am evil. So what? Big whoop, wanna fight about it?).

So, FINALLY, after returning from LIDL with 2 big plastic bags, I went to do my daily routine of shower, swimming pool (now I usually swim butterfly only with my arms, to gain strength on the upper part of the body, since the lower part gets so much action (no pun intended) during the rest of the day.), and shower again.

And now, here I am, writing you this report, after walking, what I believe was almost 60 Km. Below you will find an image with both the trips on the map, and with two links to both the KML files.


KML file 1 and KML file 2 (opens with Google Earth).

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Today it just struck me!

Finnish sounds a lot like Klingon!

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Jebus! This thing really is crazy!

It’s 23:30 and you can see the sun light outside! You don’t see the actual sun, but you see the light it produces far away (dusk).

Take a good look at this.

And that’s it, I’m going to bed.

c ya

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I wanna ride my bicycle


Today was a holiday in Finland, and OBVIOUSLY, my room mate wanted to go to Helsinki to have lunch. Thanks, but no thanks. If I wanted to take a bus, and go to some ordinary restaurant, then I would have stayed in Portugal.

So after going through the morning’s routine (eg. firing up the laptop and reading the news), I’ve decided to shave, and to eat in the room (yeah, I’m a sloppy bastard), since I still had a can of reindeer meet left closed, some bread and drinks.

The meet isn’t all that bad. It’s actually very tasty 🙂

After lunch, and after I have already shaved, my room mate arrived from his great adventure in Helsinki that took something like 2 hours DUH!

I’ve decided to go to Helsinki, but using my own 2 feet. So with the address of the bike rental place dialed in on the GPS, I left for yet another adventure! Great trip, as always (as you’ll be able to see from the map below), lots of fresh air, trees, people walking by, and all sorts of pleasant stuff.

I was so pleased with the walk, and thinking about my life, that I even started humming the song Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head by B. J. Thomas. I only knew how to sing this bit:

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ red

You can actually see the original here (the guy in the clip sure can dance lol):

YouTube Preview Image

but oh well… I was a very happy bloat 🙂

I have a great girlfriend, great parents, a great job, a great car, some fun friends, I’m happy about myself (not an emo kind of guy :-D), this list does go on… But back to our scheduled programming!

After walking almost 12Km, I finally arrived at the bike store, I rented one for 2 weeks for 80€, with only 1 gear! W00T!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!! (yes… I was a very happy camper!).

I picked it up, and fired up the GPS tracking program so that I could show you the trip I did today (I walked precisely the same course, by foot, and on the bicycle, although the map/file only shows up the period when I returned (on the bicycle)).

Bike Walk
KML file (opens with Google Earth).

So at the end of the day, I had done almost 23Km (11,21 Km on foot, and 11,21 on bike, round values). So what to do when I arrived at the hotel?

(My room mate had spent the whole day playing PSP (SUCKER!!!), and I suppose he wasn’t really happy when I told him that I had already picked up a bicycle to go to work with everyday, but who cares really?)

After reading some e-mails, I headed down to the swimming pool, where I swam a bit (I actually think I’m in much better shape after these days), did some sauna and took a shower.

All is well.

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I’ve murdered Christmas

Sorry kids! I’ve eaten one of the reindeer, and I think it was Rudolf (and boy, was it tasty! yum yum) 😉


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