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New video camera

Just got me and Marisa a new video camera. A Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000 for me and Marisa to record our adventures so we can later show our children 🙂

Three first videos after the jump. Crappy, but ya know… it’s the first 3. Need to use it more, just as Marisa. You can turn on HD if you’d like.

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Passeio a Évora

Um belo passeio a Évora, numa manhã fria – mas com sol –  de Inverno. E de comboio, a nossa modesta contribuição para a preservação da camada de ozono. E ainda por cima relaxante,  contraponto ao stress de todos os dias.

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A new age is upon us!

Caros leitores, achei meu dever informar-vos, de que a época dos Power Rangers, chegou ao fim.



E isto porquê? Imaginem o seguinte cenário: 

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Oh Tempo…

Já vos contei a lengalenga do Tempo? Isto após uma série de improvisações já não bate muito certo, mas é algo assim: o Tempo perguntou ao Tempo: quanto Tempo o Tempo tem? E o Tempo respondeu ao Tempo: o Tempo tem todo o Tempo,  quanto Tempo o Tempo tem!

Bom, nem será preciso dizer que quem sofreu com esta lengalenga foi o André… ‘tadinho!!! E ainda criei uma variação dessa lengalenga mas com o “álcool”, enfim… comédias de quando estamos juntos.

Ora, aqui estou para mais um post só mesmo uma coisinha rápida para actualizar…

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So… It’s 1:02, and I’ve been up since 7:30.

This was a hectic last week indeed.

Started classes again, so I have a slightly different schedule. Most of the days for me now are like this:

  • Wake up at 7:30
  • Arrive at Critical at 8:20
  • Have lunch at Critical’s premises at 12:30
  • Leave at 17:00
  • Have classes until 23:30
  • Sleep listening to music at 00:30

Anyways… Bought an FM transmitter for the iPod, the sound quality wasn’t all that good, returned it.

The iPod is really nice. I am currently with it on my lap, listening to Pj Harvey – No Girl So Sweet, so yeah… I take it everywhere with me.

Got some photos developed from my Yashica GTN, so now I’ll try to post some photos from that batch (one per post), so here’s the first:


Just did a quick scan with vuescan and dumped a DNG file with about 26.7MB, and so there you have it. It is crazy difficult to have burned highlights, or to lose details on the shadows, so YAY film. That’s my auntie T on the photo, btw. Oh. And the film was an Ilford 400.

Tomorrow (today) I will be meeting with Tiago in my place at about 9:30 so we can study a bit. After that, we will have lunch and then head out for the gym. I can take someone else with me, so it’s all good. It’s much better doing it with someone else than alone. The good news, is that it is starting to show. I’m getting some more abs *nod* 🙂

Tomorrow (today) I should also pick up my new eye glasses and contact lenses. We’ll see how that goes…

And on Sunday, perhaps I’ll go to OPorto. We’ll see…

Oh… And congrats to Marisa Duque for her Daily Deviation.

So that’s it for me. Tired, sleepy and honestly kind of depressed. *shrug*

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Neck Strings are Done!

Finally, I’ve committed myself to finish the Neck Strings section on my Auntie Ts website.

On the thumbnails you can have an overall view of the piece, while on the right you can see a macro detail. There are 51 pieces, and the ones you see get tagged so you will know which ones you have already seen, and the ones you haven’t.

I’ve also hosted the flash movie somewhere else, so that you can get pretty decent bandwidth, so the gallery should open up pretty quickly.

Have fun.

Ps.: I envision that I will finish the other sections during this weekend, and perhaps finish the whole site on Tuesday, _tops_.

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RedBull Air Race 2007

Today, me, my mom and my father went to Porto to watch the Red Bull Air Race 2007, where 600000 people attended!

So… Lots of people, lots of confusion, and a small spot that my dad discovered for us to watch the race, and…. enough with the crap. Let’s just cut to the photos 🙂

Hit Continue Reading » to see all the photos.

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My Auntie is an Entrepreneur

Hey there,

my Auntie T is doing some really cool things, and so I am helping her out with some stuff.

You can check her future website.You can also take a peak at how the gallery to sell stuff is going to look like, although it is still a major work in progress. I’ve been messing around with Simpleviewer‘s code to get what I want, so expect a different end result.

I’ve just finished tagging, and giving titles to all the neck strings on Lightroom (about 50 items), so that latter it will be easier to manage the on-line gallery by creating/updating it automagically.


I’m really happy with some of these photos 🙂

My good friend Edgar, of TheIguana fame, is also lending a great hand, by re-designing a logo, and doing a catalog (really appreciate it!).

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Back to studies

I can not believe it.

Finally the place where I as getting my degree on has now a program just like any other school in the country that is in conformance with the Bolonha guidelines (it is even official).

This will make me go back to school and finish the damn thing. It is also nice because:

  1. each year (in a total of 3 years) has 4 trimesters with 3 modules each, which will enable us, the students, to focus on the subjects much more easily
  2. since I have some modules already complete, I’m only 6 modules away (on the first trimester, the others may vary) from getting my degree
  3. they have a time schedule for students who work as well, such as me
  4. but the best of all is, I will get my dad off of my back. Yes… He’s only doing his job, and he only wants the best for me et al. But being concerned about my future, to saying that I have been waisting my time goes a very long way, and I digress, specially since on the CS side of things, experience goes A VERY LONG WAY, _much longer_ than a degree. As a matter of fact, I am much better of than my high school colleagues that have their Economy/Management degrees, or my college _colleagues_ that have already finished their CS degree. They either have crappy jobs, or are unemployed.

So now the plan is:

  1. continue to evolve on Critical Software and pimp my curriculum vitae even more (yes, I’m getting proud of it :-P)
  2. in 2 years (max 3) finish my CS engineering degree. And yes. My job will still be my top priority.
  3. perhaps getting some management degree to complement my CS knowledge
  4. PROFIT!
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New blog member


Since my father was already lurking around the blog (you can see some comments from him), I asked him if he would also like to post some entries.

So… Posts by André Lemos, are mine, and by Miguel Lemos are from my father.

(I’ll also try to convince my auntie T. to do the same, although she is quite busy ATM *fingers crossed*).


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